Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Top 5 Autumn Activities

October is running away with us, but looking back I have experienced some perfect Autumn activities that can be enjoyed by all! So grab a hot beverage and a notebook to jot down some ideas for your next Autumn adventure. 

1. Visit a pumpkin patch
This one has to be number one. I know you're probably thinking that it's just a field of pumpkins, what's so special about that? But it's so much more than a field of pumpkins. To begin with, it normally combines a visit to a great farm with an inviting farm shop, they are the best at this time of year! It also gives you a sense of satisfaction when you find that pumpkin, you know it's the one. These type of events are cropping up all over the country now, and you don't need to be under 12 to enjoy them- especially when there's different coloured pumpkins to choose from. 

2. Go for a country walk
There is no better feeling than breathing in fresh country air whilst the crisp wind brushes your cheeks. Sounds a bit like the start to a novel, but it's true. With the countryside of Yorkshire on our doorstep, well a fifteen minute drive out of the city, we have managed to escape to some wonderful corners of the county and find picturesque views and tranquil walks. If you haven't already ventured out then Google something along the lines of 'good walks in *insert area*', put your wellies and waterproof on and head on out, I can promise you you won't regret it. {If you can find somewhere with a cute town nearby then that's an even better reason}

3. Garden Centers
Yes, I'm only 21 but going to a garden center on a Sunday afternoon was always a family tradition, and they are especially good at this time of year. Paired with a nice walk, they are great to wander round and pick out some local chutney and farm food. They also have some inspiring Christmas displays, and will definitely get you in the festive spirit. 

4. Bake some goodies
Heating is starting to be turned on, and curtains are being drawn earlier which gives your more time to flick through recipe books to find some tasty things to bake. In summer we avoid putting the oven on, but now it's colder and we're layering up, cake and a cup of tea has never sounded so good. 

5. Wander round your town / city
This time of year is when everyone seems to be friendlier and jollier. It may be cold and miserable, but the Autumn feeling brings some eye-catching window displays and happy shoppers. York has definitely embraced the Halloween spirit too, and your spoilt for choice when it comes to spooky goings on. Take some time out to simply just browse and take in your surroundings, you'll appreciate the little things around you and you can always squeeze in a cake pit stop. 

Hope this has given you some October inspiration!

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