Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Relaxation Run Down

Happy Pancake Day! If you're reading this it means we did it, we got through January and we're a good way into the second month of the year. It was a tough one, doing everything to avoid eating the cupboards full of chocolates and pulling yourself away from the now-empty Christmas tree spot. Hopefully, stress levels have finally resumed to their normal level however, fear not if that isn't the case. February for me brings a new job which of course will bring new stresses so I've put together a how to guide on what best relaxes me, which may work for you too!

1. Have a bath
This is always the top of my list for everything. Cold? Have a bath. Feeling icky? Have a bath. Stressed? Have a bath. It's the perfect excuse to get using those bath bombs you received for Christmas so then you can go and buy some more. I tend to light a few candles and either take in my book or catch up on some TV, something that lets my mind switch off. (If I'm really lucky I'll occasionally get a hot chocolate made for me which makes it 100 times better!)

2. Read a book
There's nothing better than switching off from the real world and entering someone else's world. Put your phone on silent, get comfy with a blanket and start from the beginning. If you struggle with getting into reading then re-read a book you loved, there's no right or wrong book. I always find this great to do just before bed as it really helps me to unwind and prepare me for a good nights sleep.

3. Colouring
If you haven't noticed already then 'adult' colouring has taken the world by storm. There's no shame in sitting there, concentrating on keeping in the lines. You'd be surprised as to how stress-relieving this activity is and with a whole range of colouring books now available there's one for everyone. (Next on my list is Alice in Wonderland, surprise, and Benedict Cumberbatch)

4. Watch a movie
Put on your favourite movie and settle down on the sofa. You may have seen it 6789854 million times before but that will just make it an easier watch and a good way to unwind. You're not having to concentrate on who's who and what story line is what, and for me those films that relax me are obviously Disney ones. 

5. Paint your nails
I'm an awful nail painter. It'll end up half my arm and I have no idea how, but I love having freshly painted nails. It can be a perfect activity to do whilst you have your number one movie on the TV and a cup of tea by your side. 

6. Have a clear out
A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of those tops you haven't worn for two years but are saving for that just in case day. It will make you feel better, and give you more space to fill it with new clothes.  

So there are my ways I like to de-stress, if anyone else has anything else they swear by I'd love to know!


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