Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Little Things #21

My blogging game has been a shamble so far this month. I can only apologise for the cracking content you've been missing out on. I can't even blame it on the fact that I have a life as many of my evenings have been spent searching the internet for cushions, I'm halfway there. I do have the excuse that two evenings of my week are spent sitting in on a Social Media Course and I spend my weekends away from my laptop screen, so I suppose it counts, sort of. These weekends have given me all kinda kicks...

  1. I managed to maintain my dignity at my first work social which included a team-building activity followed by an afternoon/evening/night of drinking. I felt god damn awful and suffered from a two-day hangover as fresh as a daisy for work on the Monday. 
  2. My flat is filled with tulips and daffodils- I just can't get enough. 
  3. I've consumed my body-weight in Dolly Mixtures this month
  4. The Saccone-Joly's have announced they're expecting baby number three- I am beyond excited. 
  5. We took advantage of the sun and headed down the park for a game of ping-pong. There were also lots of ducklings and I just wanted to take them home.
  6. I'm a member of the work fun committee which pleases my inner-organisation-freak-self. 
  7. My desk has been updated with a new folder and pen pots.
  8. Kensington Palace have been documenting Wills and Kate's trip to India and I've loved it. 
  9. Sunny days mean we find fun things to do such as hire a pedalo. 
  10. Last Friday we went for a team outing for lunch at the local carvery and I left in a complete ice-cream coma.
  11. The Durrells has turned into our new Sunday routine.
If I was to add today's events to this then they would include a complimentary bacon sandwich for this morning's quarterly company meeting, and a trip to see The Jungle Book tonight. As far as Tuesday's go, this one is pretty damn good.

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