Sunday, 15 May 2016

Little Things #23

What better way to round off the weekend with Pocahontas on the TV and chocolate by your side (Since I jet off to Barcelona next week I should probably be replacing chocolate with lettuce leaves but yolo!) This week may not have had me topping up my non-existent tan, but it did have me going for a wander outside of the city, pit-stopping for an afternoon tea and discovering there is an ice-cream boat that sails down the river.

  • We also took a bit of a detour and stumbled across the allotments, which we're currently on the waiting list for, and it's got me planning all sorts of things on Pinterest
  • Jay celebrated his twenty-second birthday this week and one of his brothers brought him a new board game so you can only guess how we've been spending our evenings. 
  • We've started a sunflower competition at work and mine is finally growing. {The tortoise and the hare taught me that slow and steady wins the race}
  • Another client win meant celebrations with prosecco. I love my job.
  • At the start of the month I caught up with some of my uni girlfriends with a visit to the big smoke.
  • Our calamondin (mini-citrus tree) has finally started flowering which means we will soon be graced with tiny little oranges. 
  • Once Upon A Time has had me in pieces over the last few episodes and I don't think I'm ready for the upcoming 2 hour finale. 
  • To celebrate Eurovision we had a feast at work, followed by an impromptu visit from the ice-cream man, what a Friday. 
  • I bought a new sun hat in preparation for our travels and I'm a little bit obsessed.
  • Shay Mitchell shared some of her twenties life-lessons, which makes it a-okay to say no to a crazy night out and instead spend it in your pjs watching chic flicks, not that I'd do that anyways.
  • We purchased a picnic blanket and it's already been out for its first spin. 
Till next week amigos. 


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