Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I'm Feeling Twenty-Twooo

If you didn't sing 'ooo-oooooo' after reading this blog title then you need to seriously consider what you're doing with your life*. Lol, jk, apparently, twenty-two year old me is even more sarcastic than twenty-one year old me, which is something many (many being Jason & my mum) didn't think was possible.

I am officially 6 days into the year of it being socially acceptable to sing Taylor Swift when someone asks 'how are you feeling?' and I'm digging it. I think it's mainly because I don't really feel any older other than the fact that the bill-man still expects you to pay him even if you're celebrating Beth-day. Question- When do you start to feel a day older? Because I'd quite like to prepare for when that moment comes.

A beautiful bouquet from Bloom & Wild from my BFF (& a magazine subscription which I'm uber excited for next month) | A super snazzy stripey top from ASOS | Lovingly created tickets for #FRIENDSFEST until the real ones arrive (brithday is a personal touch) | A fancy flamingo scrapbook that fulfils my inner artistic goddess | Exclusive New Look dollar to keep my wardrobe in tip-top condition| The dreamiest set of tealights you'll ever smell

This year's birthday was my first ever birthday I've spent at work, and away from my family- they weren't even in the same country. {They did manage to wake me up at 6am though after forgetting they were an hour ahead, luckily I was in a good mood}. I did however keep up the tradition of opening my cards and pressies in bed, which 57% made up for the fact I wasn't able to lounge in bed for another couple of hours. The other 43% came from the fact that my work buddies had made my first work birthday a pretty good one by booking for me and Jay to go to #FRIENDSFEST in September, along with presenting me with some gorgeous smelling candles, a pretty little orchid for my desk and a yummy Victoria Sponge- Blue Digital, you da best.

And what does a twenty-two year old do when she gets home you're asking? Shewalks through the door to flowers and fairy lights all over the flat courtesy of her wonderful boyfriend, eats some dinner and heads out to the cinema to watch Finding Dory complete with pick'n'mix, because Beth-day wouldn't be complete without Disney. (It was great in case you were wondering)
*If you don't want to consider what you're doing with your life then you can at least watch this and it all might be a little clearer. 


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