Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Who am I?

I'm not tall but not short. My hair is blonde yet brunette. I'm obsessed with Disney yet I'm twenty. I'm a daydreamer but I'm determined. Guessed yet? I'm Bethany, also known as Beth, a final year advertising student from Southampton, but originally from the shire of Bedford (Bedfordshire). I've finally created a blog (again) but this time I will be delivering regular updates, not sure what on yet, probably whatever I can find to ramble about, even if no-one reads this.

Keeping it short and sweet before I start to babble on at you. I'm devoted to Disney (yes I know you already know but I feel I need to emphasis this at the beginning, live in my PJ's, love chocolate (typical), obsessed with candles and fairy lights. I'm a Christmas fanatic, a bit like the Fletcher's (also in love with McFly), watch Pretty Little Liars religiously, and will one day be working at Disney headquarters, third time I'm sorry.

I should probably stop now before you get bored, if you aren't already, but hopefully you have enjoyed what you've read and will keep your eyes peeled for more ramblings and insights to the world of Beth, whatever they may be!

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