Thursday, 23 June 2016

Gift Guide: New Home

It's been one whole year since we picked up our keys to our little flat and it's been one hell of a ride. To start with I've managed to put up with living with a boy, which I think I deserve a medal for. Yes they smell. Yes they're messy. But they have dinner ready for when you get home for work and don't moan about your obsessive cushion arrangements or bed making- at least that's what mine does/doesn't.* In light of this flatversary I've put together a collection of gifts we received when we moved in/bought for other people that are perfect for new homeowners. 
1. The best bathroom guest book there ever was from Oliver Bonas.
2. Pretty colourful vases or 'Amalfi Torps' as Next call them. 
3. All drinks need a deep sea diver ice-cube from John Lewis.
4. Pom pom cushions are always a winner from Oliver Bonas.
5. A jazzy unicorn spaghetti measurer from The Gift Oasis.
6. A Disney reference is essential with this be my guest dishcloth from H&M.
7. A giant colouring page of the world from Oliver Bonas.
8. Make a house a home with this yellow decorative frame from Zara.
9. Super adorable pair of garden gnomes from Next.
10. Have a fart-free zone with his candle from The White Company.
11. Because ordinary toast is for losers from Waterstones
12. A decorative rolling pin from Anthropologie.
13. A retro radio for kitchen dancing from John Lewis.


*I'm partly-kidding about the smelly and messy part and I love living with my BFF!


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Little Things #25

You know those weekends where you need a whole other weekend to recover, I just had one of them. We had Jays grandparents and dad up for a few days and whilst I enjoyed spending time with them, my sleepover in the spare room and all the good food that was consumed, I'm so glad to have the flat back to normal. It's been a hectic week with work, and with going home for the next three weekends I don't think my life will be slowing down anytime soon.
  • I've raised £180 so far for my charity hair cut  with help from some very generous people. If you want to add to this donation click here
  • We've booked another holiday for the end of August and I'm counting down the days!
  • PLL returns tomorrow, however my feelings towards this are very mixed. 
  • I attended an event with work which included lots of free ice-cream and it was great.
  • My wardrobe has expanded with all these summer sales. 
  • Jason's nan brought up a fresh batch of mince pies and I'm skipping past the mince pies are for Christmas rule. 
  • My sunflower is storming, just waiting for those pretty yellow petals to appear now. 

Till next week


Monday, 13 June 2016

Why I Love Living In York: York Food Festival

Want to know two words that are music to my ears? Food Festival. Want to know what's even better? When it's happening 10 minutes up the road from me. York Food Festival makes an annual appearance every September, so as a warm up, they put on a taste of what's to come. This meant we spent our Saturday wandering round York, before heading to Parliament Street for all the foodie action. 

One of my favourite parts of these sort of events is all the local produce that is on show. I'm a big 'support the locals' kinda girl, so naturally we couldn't stay away from the meat and bread stalls. I'm also a big 'let's try something different' kinda girl. So after being roped into an Italian stall with the words, 'free samples', we ended up walking away with three bags of ravioli. 

Deciding what to have for lunch was the hardest part of the day. From curry to hotdogs, there was something to suit everyone. We opted for a pulled pork bun with lemon and fennel colslaw which was super yummy, and super filling. It was then topped off with a Creemio (coconut and nutella) ice-cream as I discovered my favourite gift-shop had closed down. Shortly after this I also stepped in a big pile of goose poop. What a bittersweet Saturday it was. 


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wisteria Wanderings

 Whenever I was little our Sundays would normally always include a trip to The Lodge, whether it was to try out our new roller-blades, take our bikes for spin or go on a bear hunt, metaphorically of course. This was then nearly always followed by a trip to a garden centre for a slice of cake and cup of tea, which is something that I've ingrained in my weekend outings. What a nice story aye, stick with it, I'm getting there. 

When you're younger you don't really appreciate those places that are just up the road from you, but as you grow up and move away it makes you appreciate what you had. So, whenever we go home for a visit we always try to squeeze in a walk round The Lodge,  a) for the nostalgic element, and b) it can then be accompanied with tea and cake. 

My recent trip home left my admiring all the wisteria that had blossomed in our garden, and when mum informed me that it was out in full bloom at my childhood happy place I had to go. It wasn't the most sunniest or warmest of days, but that didn't matter when your faced with purple paradise in the form of wisteria. Literally everywhere I turned there was some lilac creeping into my vision and don't get me started on the smell. When it comes to wisteria, my home-town has got it right. Home- 1 York- 0 


Monday, 6 June 2016

Little Things #24

This post comes to you from a rather rosy Beth. Don't worry kids, I did apply sun-cream, just maybe not enough. I'm also sporting a huge-arse blister on my heel from our country walk, but when you get views like this one, it's worth it.

  • My trip home resulted in a gossip with my childhood BFF, a lunch with one of my girlfriends and lots of family time. 
  • This trailer was released and I'm a little bit obsessed.
  • We went into a travel agents to pick up some holiday brochures for our next trip and it's got us dreaming of all sorts of places. 
  • I went on a successful Wisteria hunt.
  • My ELLE magazine was delivered with a free Benefit brow pencil and free Benefit eyebrow wax, what a freebie. 
  • To relive our Barcelona days, Jay and I had a spectacular tapas night. It included the likes of tomato bread, all the ham and lots of yummy tapas dishes. 
  • I've finally set a date to get 10" of my mop chopped off for The Little Princess trust, and have started fundraising along the way. 
  • I found a new calling in life with this vase of floral-perfectness.
  • Our RHS magazine arrived and it's full of flowers, flowers and more flowers. 

I seem to have an obsession with flowers.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Monthly Round Up: May {2016}

It would seem that we're skipping summer and just heading straight into autumn, maybe the big guy in the sky has had enough of short shorts. Or maybe we're just being teased and temperatures are going to soar into the thirties, a girl can dream. This month has been a great one for holidays. I had no 5 day working-weeks in May, how I'm going to get through June I don't know. I did however finish another book and started a new TV series- I think the main reason I like it is because it has Jennifer Morrison aka. Emma Swan in it, although whenever she makes out with someone I instantly feel a pang of betrayal to Hook #CaptainSwan4ever

The Good
We joined the RHS at the start of the month and are loving life with our new, flash membership card. We're probably in the running for the award of 'Youngest RHS Members' but who doesn't love spending their weekends wandering round garden centres, drinking tea and eating scones.

The Bad
Once Upon A Time has finished for another season and I feel a little lost. *insert emoji with tear dripping from eye* I know it's 18 days until Pretty Little Liars is back, but that will introduce characters we've never heard of, start relationships that should never start and tell us who A is then introduce a new A.

The Ugly
Waking up on the Friday before your holiday feeling like you've downed a whole bottle of vodka is never fun. It ended up with me calling in sick, as I couldn't even sit up without the room spinning, and taking a trip to the doctors. 1 ECG and 1 pregnancy test later confirmed I have a healthy heart, I'm not pregnant and it was most likely the flu. Out of the three, the flu is probably the best result, however, no-one wants to be poorly on holiday.

The Weird
I've managed to keep my sunflower alive for nearly a whole month. As in I grew it in a little pot, and then moved it to a bigger pot and it's still growing. {I've marked the cane it's supported by, and I feel like a proud mummy seeing it soar past it!} This RHS stuff must be paying off.

The Wonderful
The back end of May, makes it sound like some kind of animal, was spent overseas, approximately 1,105 miles away. We hopped on a plane and flew over to Barcelona and had an absolutely fabulous time. You can read all about it here. And if you want any tips then you can check out my recommendations of where to go. Self-promo is great.

Until next time


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Where To Go | Barcelona

Let's set the scene. You've booked yourself a few days away in a new city, you start browsing the net for what you should see and do whilst you're out there, and all of a sudden you find yourself singing the theme tune to Mary-Kate and Ashley's sitcom. How on earth can you see all 244 sights and landmarks recommended by Trip Advisor in 72 hours and still have skin on your feet. The answer to that is you can't, unless you're some kickass human. But you can see some great sights and still have time to work on your tan or add to your wardrobe. We didn't get round to doing everything we wanted to, but that just gives us more a reason to go back again, and what we did do come highly recommended, I'm a reliable source. 

Spain's a big old country, made up of all sorts of different regions, and this quaint, open-air museum has mastered pulling them all into one place, so it's kinda like a one big road trip that can be achieved in a couple of hours.

My mum and dad raved about this place, so we combined it with our day of using the hop-on-hop-off bus, as it's a little way out of the city and they've conveniently placed a stop right outside the entrance. There is a small fee of 12€ each, but if you have your little bus booklet then you get a cheeky 1€ off!

Inside there's plenty to keep you occupied from sangria tasting, souvenir purchasing, photo posing to watching glass blowers create tiny little figures, there's something really satisfying about liquid glass being pulled into shapes. As you amble round there are also plenty of restaurants and cafes, so you don't need to worry about going hungry either!

Top tip: Wander round before choosing a spot to stop for lunch, there are lots of little gems dotted all around.

This destination is an absolute must, even if you don't want to pay to go inside at least admire the beauty of the outside. It started construction over 100 years ago, and isn't due to be finished till 2026, but that parts that are finished take your breath away.

We bought tickets for the inside that included a trip up one of the towers and an audio-guide for our way round, all we needed was a 'I heart Barcelona' top on and we would have practically been screaming I'm a tourist. If you choose not to pay then you're really missing out, just imagine the best stained glass window you've ever seen, then triple that. Not to mention, the columns and the ceilings, photos don't do it justice.

If you don't like heights then the towers aren't for you,  but the views from the Nativity tower (more people had mentioned this one, which is why we chose it) were incredible, although I also wouldn't recommend it if you don't like spiral staircases, as there's a 400 step descent, you do get a nice lift journey up though.

Top tip: pre-book before you go, and if you don't want to be swamped by other tourists then book between 8:30 and 9:30am. 

Throwback to my year six art classes and I was making a shoe inspired by the bench at Parc Guell. I can remember, quite vividly, that it didn't quite turn out as well as I imagined, I was never any good at art let alone using clay to mould it into a shoe. But I do remember how fun it was choosing the mosaic pattern, and researching into all the different colours and designs, so this place was a no brainer.

This is another one you want to pre-book, there was some angry guests who were turned away at 1pm and told to come back at 6pm. Once you're in the paid part you can stay there for as long as you like. Following the map your transported from the famous bench where everyone is attempting to get that Instagram photo {a bit like this} to some gorgeous tiles that make you want to cover your house with them. In between these there are some other cool parts, but I don't want to give the game away too much.

Top Tip: The parc is a little walk away from both metro stations. Vallcarca is the closer of the two stations, with a prettier walk, however the hop-on-hop-off bus also stops right outside too. 

Everybody loves a good park, and this one is no exception. Everywhere you look there is palm trees, and we ended up walking behind a cockapoo wearing a bandanna, how cute. At one end of the park is the zoo and the rest of the park is made up of grass, fountains and a lake.

If you're looking for something that's a little more relaxing then I can thoroughly recommend hiring a row boat on the lake, unless you can't row then it might be a little more traumatic than relaxing. For 6€ for 2/3 people you get half an hour to row to your hearts content, I ended up rowing us into more people then away, but that's all part of the fun. Plus, if you're lucky you might see some little turtles swimming around next to you.

Top Tip: Be careful how close you stand to the fountains, you may get soaked. {Would seem like an obvious statement but many made the same mistake as us}

Nothing screams a holiday without a trip to the beach. Who doesn't love lying in the sun with the sound of the waves crashing against the sand, if your putting your hand up then you're lying. There's not many cities that have both the bustling streets and relaxing beach, should so be a poet.

With only 10kg of hand luggage, I wasn't being bogged down with beach towels. Instead we brought a big, colourful blanket that has elephants on and can fit at least four bodies on it for 10€ from one of the sellers that patrol the sand. The upside, once we had one we weren't bothered to buy another. The downside, that doesn't stop those trying to sell water, beer, mojito, massages and hair braids.

Top Tip: Pretend to be asleep, you won't be bothered by the sellers that way. 


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