Monday, 6 June 2016

Little Things #24

This post comes to you from a rather rosy Beth. Don't worry kids, I did apply sun-cream, just maybe not enough. I'm also sporting a huge-arse blister on my heel from our country walk, but when you get views like this one, it's worth it.

  • My trip home resulted in a gossip with my childhood BFF, a lunch with one of my girlfriends and lots of family time. 
  • This trailer was released and I'm a little bit obsessed.
  • We went into a travel agents to pick up some holiday brochures for our next trip and it's got us dreaming of all sorts of places. 
  • I went on a successful Wisteria hunt.
  • My ELLE magazine was delivered with a free Benefit brow pencil and free Benefit eyebrow wax, what a freebie. 
  • To relive our Barcelona days, Jay and I had a spectacular tapas night. It included the likes of tomato bread, all the ham and lots of yummy tapas dishes. 
  • I've finally set a date to get 10" of my mop chopped off for The Little Princess trust, and have started fundraising along the way. 
  • I found a new calling in life with this vase of floral-perfectness.
  • Our RHS magazine arrived and it's full of flowers, flowers and more flowers. 

I seem to have an obsession with flowers.


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