Sunday, 31 January 2016

Little Things #15

Today concludes my final thirteen days of ultimate laziness and I have soaked up every second. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my first proper job and I am pooping my pants, super excited. In this run up over the past weeks, I have got my shit together in prepping my wardrobe, desk and lunches- very important. I have also made the most of spending time with Jay, including a jam packed two days this weekend sightseeing, York Residents Festival has been great! For now I leave you with what else I've been up to the past two weeks that don't involve anything to do with my new job. {Editors note: The novelty of this working business will wear off soon}

1. I was reunited with my Papa and other family members last week and it was nice to have a sit down and a catch up, even if the SatNav took us up the most mountainous, skinniest lane ever. 

2. We've added two new house plants to our abode and our fingers are getting greener. (Names are yet to come)

3. Mary Berry hit our screens this week and it made my Wednesday night! What could be better than Bake Off with celebrities who have no idea what they're doing? And it's all in the name of Sports Relief!

4. ELLE's March edition arrived in my postbox this week and it's a fat one.

5. After a few evenings of binge watching, we're up to date on Dickensian and I'm hooked #hurryupWednesday

7.  Holly and Phillip turned up to This Morning white-girl-wasted last Thursday and it was the best.

8. I've felt like Dora the Explorer visiting lots of new and exciting places, who says weekends have to be boring. 

9. J K Rowling has released the goss on the wizarding schools across the pond, muggles everywhere are in for a treat! 

My stomach is rumbling away as our roast dinner is cooking in the oven and we've got The Incredibles to watch so that's my cue to stop babbling. I've also got some lunch to prepare and an outfit to decide on so I need to get moving if I want to get my 8 hours sleep tonight too. Wish me luck that I don't trip up and embarrass myself on day 1. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Monthly Round Up: January 2016

The first month of 2016 is nearly over, how crazy is that! For many people January is a bit of a blue month with the back to work feeling after the jolly holidays, but for me it's been a whirlwind of a month. I saw the New Year in with some of my besties, started and finished many TV series and bagged myself one of those adult things called a job. I can definitely say that I'm ready for February to begin with a whole round of new beginnings, but for now lets look back at what January had to offer. 

The Good
Pretty Little Liars has returned! Should probably rename this as 'The Confusing' though, as every episode leaves me wondering what I just watched, with 9348 questions spinning round my mind. Nothing is ever simple in Rosewood.  

The Bad
Bills. That time of year where all companies think it's a great time to remind their people that they owe them money. Not up there with my top ten January moments I'm afraid. 

The Ugly
It has rained far too much for my liking. If it was snow then I wouldn't be complaining, but this wet weather can sod off, especially as I'm joining the commuting world, rain is not what I want to see at 7:30 in the morning. 

The Weird
I took up running, and stuck to it. It definitely gave me a boost of energy and left me feeling slightly less guilty about the four packs of mince pies I still had left to devour. As I'm no longer going to be able to go out in the day I'm going to swap my running shoes for my swimming costume as no-one wants to run in the dark. {Fear not, when the evenings get lighter, I will resume}. 

The Wonderful
I am an employed human being, in case you didn't already realise. My new job status has meant I have been out buying office-appropriate clothes and getting inspo for my desk- my fellow course friends have been super helpful.   

So there we have it. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have returned to our screens for a short while and I'm sipping away on a dreamy hot chocolate. Time to go and watch some more Dickensian, we started the series late, and snuggle under a blanket. See you next month for the second round up of twenty-sixteen. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Start of something new

I have just finished a High School Musical marathon so it was only fitting that I titled this post after Troy and Gabriella's first ever duet {If you have no idea what I'm talking about shame on you!} I am also starting something new, I'm not just dedicating a whole post to High School Musical as tempting as it is. This new thing is in fact a job. I'll say it again, I finally have a full-time, 9 to 5:30 job after 4 months of interviews, breakdowns and career questioning. 

Perseverance paid off, and I'm utterly thrilled (and super nervous) to be starting on Monday as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive, how suave. To many of you that title will mean nothing, so to put it simply, I'm going to be assisting with the digital marketing for a variety of different brands, which is crazily exciting. 

Not only this but I get to be a part of a pretty cool company in a beautiful location, and a welcoming team who share my love of Disney. Fun fact: My first question in my interview was "If you could be a Disney character who would you be?" I'll leave you guessing the answer for now, but I think I'm going to fit in pretty well. 

It does mean that this is my last week as an unemployed graduate so I'm making the most of it by sleeping in, staying in my PJs and soaking up the daytime TV. I'm also having great fun suiting and booting myself up for the occasion with a whole new work-wear-wardrobe and hunting for the perfect mug, you've gotta make an impression. So here's to my new adventure as a working girl, let's drink to that


Friday, 22 January 2016

Run like a girl

If you had shown me this photo a year ago then the response you would have probably received would have been a laugh followed by the lines of "not in a million years". I mean one year from now I could be checking out my Timehop, smirking about that one time I tried my hand at exercise, who knows. But Jason Mraz taught me we should be living in the moment, so right now I'm gonna keep on running in preparation for a marathon. One thing I found that keeps me motivated is reading other fitness fanatics tips and tricks, so I thought I'd share some inside knowledge that I've learnt over the past few weeks and pretend I'm one of them, a girl can dream. 

1. Get yourself some comfy shoes. None of this blisters malarkey, your feet should be suited and booted for the occasion. 

2. Make yourself a playlist. Mix it up to begin with, throw in some Hoedown Throwdown and Single Ladies, along with some slow numbers your thirteen year old self used to dance to with your crush to find out which genre works best for you. 

3. Find yourself a running partner, it gives you someone to babble to as you run and make you feel invincible when having to run through a group of teenage boys.  

4. Wear layers, light layers. You will end up getting sweaty*, red cheeked and stripping off. 
*If you're potential running partner is a new love interest then you will have to be prepared to be seen looking like a tomato with sweat dripping down your face. 

5. Make sure some of your layers are bright colours, especially if you're going to head out in the dark. If there's anything that primary school taught us, it's that hedgehogs only get across the road with reflective clothing and plastic things you hang off your rucksacks. 

6. Plan a route. My current route tends to be jogging to meet Jay from climbing. It's just the right length, not the most picturesque, but the parks aren't looking too pretty yet anyway. 

7. Don't push yourself. Even if you can only run a quarter of a mile before getting a stitch and having to stop, that's an achievement. You made it out the front door, pat yourself on the back. 

8. It's better to be the turtle then the hare. Slow and steady will always win, plus it will stop you from feeling like you're about to kill over, wheezing and puffing on the spot.

9. Be confident, #ThisGirlCan and all that jazz. 

10. Have fun. Think of that toned derrière you're gonna get and all those extra cakes you can eat- that's my way to enjoy it anywho.

Coincidently I'm off to tackle the cold and burn off those calories, so I can put them all back on again with the bowl of ice-cream I'm going to devour for desert tonight. It’s Friday, when else can you let your hair down. Happy running chappies!


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A day in Whitby

It's a Saturday morning. You wake up to blue skies and nippy temperatures so naturally that means a day at the seaside. Some people would think we're barmy heading to the coast in freezing conditions, but not I said Beth. So off we drove into the snowy mountains, literally, to get to Whitby. {Jason's little Peugeot did a grand job of trudging through the snowy roads and up and down the hills}

After taking a few wrong turns, I'm ignored when suggesting directions, we got ourselves parked, for free, and wrapped up head to toe. This was a new place for the both of us so we were keen to get exploring. The sea was super choppy which made for great pictures, and I took my hat off to the three chaps who were brave enough to surf the waves. We took a walk up the pier followed by a unsuccessful shell hunt on the beach, I wasn't wearing my wellies so I wasn't prepared to get wet feet for the search. 

As our tummies rumbled we stopped off at the amusements, a seaside must, lost lots of 2ps, then carried on to find us a spot of fish 'n' chips. Ideally we would have gone to a 'chippy' and sat on the beach fighting away the greedy seagulls, however our red noses indicated we needed some warmth so we settled for fish 'n' chips in a pub. It was delicious*.
*said in a french accent

Once we were suitably full and our noses had returned to their normal colour we made our way towards the town and harbour to explore the shops. Whitby offers such a variety including many sweet shops, meaning I had to pull myself away from leaving with an armful of fudge, the struggle was real. The next and final part to our adventure was clambering the 199 steps to the top off the cliff and Whitby Abbey. The views at the top are definitely worth the climb, even if you're legs are resembling jelly on a plate. 

We've already planned to return to Whitby in the warmer weather so we can play some crazy golf, it's closed out of season, and hop on a boat tour to see some whales. It may not ever be as warm as the coasts down South, but if you're ever up North I'd recommend a trip to visit this seaside town- even if it is to leave with an armful of fudge. 


Monday, 18 January 2016

Little Things #14

Hola amigos and a happy Monday to you all. Today's horoscope tells me that next Sunday's full moon is in my sign, take that as you wish as I know I am. The past week has been a busy one and almost definitely included antarctic temperatures, but you may have noticed that my blog has had a bit of an uplift and I'm loving it. The last 7 days have also brought some sad news into light, with the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, people who you always think will live forever. But in celebration of their lives we've had Bowie's songs filling the air and re-started our Harry Potter marathon for the 1248594 billionth time. Although, in amongst the sadness there have been many moments that put a smile on my face. 

1. Jason bought me some pretty flowers that are complimenting my table, a rare occasion I must add. 

2. I started and finished Jessica Jones within the week. However it was announced that it's been renewed for a second season which I'm stupidly excited for.  

3. A date has finally been set for Jason's brothers and partners to come up and visit, now it's time to get planning some fun activities. 

4. Pretty Little Liars returned and as always left me as confused as ever, asking the infamous who, why, where, what, when and how questions. 

5. The Ellen Show is coming to the UK, ITV have got themselves a steal!

6. When you wake up to sunshine it means a day at the seaside. We went on an adventure to Whitby, if you're lucky there will be a blog post coming soon!

7. Adele went on a car ride with James Cordon and it was everything you've ever dreamt of. 

My week has been very TV/screen indulgent as you can tell, so this week I will be making sure I dig into my books a little more! Hope your week brings you winter flurries and warm hugs!


Friday, 15 January 2016

2015 photo lovin'

Okay we're now half way through January, yes I did say half way, and I'm still reminiscing about 2015*. This is mainly because I'm getting round to choosing some photos to put in my new photo lap tray: A) Yes, the Webb-Lattimer flat is now equipped with 3 lap-trays and needs no more. B) It is a very important decision to make as you don't want a pair of eyes staring at you whilst you slob on the sofa and eat your turkey dinosaurs. Let me just add a little disclaimer that we do have a table which we eat off of virtually every night and I only have turkey dinosaurs on very special occasions. So as I sit here trawling through my folders I thought it would be nice if I shared my favs with you from January through to December.
*Bad parts not included, those memory orbs have gone to the memory dump (If you've watched Inside Out you'll know what I'm rambling about). 


We took a stroll round Privet Drive
An agency trip with my Advertising BFFs
 I just couldn't stay away from the Harry Potter Studios {Dad won a family day out in a raffle}

We celebrated a little one's birthday with party hats
My not so little sister turned 18
Finally said goodbye to the dreaded dissertation {And celebrated with copious amounts of cocktails & dance mat laughter)

Jason's brother had a fabulous wedding which was made even better when two of my besties turned up for the evening reception

I welcomed June in with a visit to Cambridge and a punt along the rivers


I pretended I was a mermaid whilst on holiday in France

We ended our French holiday in Disneyland Paris and it was the best thing ever

The second wedding of 2015 was accompanied by glorious sunshine

We celebrated moving into the flat with sunflowers and wine

I defied gravity in London with some of my uni chums

*I throw my hat up in the air sometimes* I graduated with these beautiful human beings

Then partied into some of the night with my second family

York turned into a beautiful Christmas extravaganza 

I bought (and styled) an amazing Christmas pudding hat 

So there way have some of my 2015 highlights in pictures, here's to hoping my 2016 will bring me lots of wonderful photos to reflect on.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What I learnt from work experience

Recently I spent some time at a small advertising agency in my hometown whilst I was back for Christmas and as cliche as it sounds, I learnt some valuable lessons as to the way they worked. Not only is it normal to speak to the same person ten times a day but also want to shout, scream, laugh and cry in the space of ten minutes. Hopefully this will direct me towards the road to success, but for now I will leave you with what I've learnt. 

1. Note to self: Wash out mugs from the staff room or else your tea will taste like fairy liquid.

2. Put on your sweetest voice when talking to the most difficult clients, it will keep them buttered up.

3. That difficult client will always be right, no matter what. So you just have to suck it up and get on with it. 

4. Everyone loves cake. Victoria, chocolate, fruit it doesn't matter. Clients will devour it. 

5. Having a desk next to a window will ultimately result in endless hours being spent people watching.

6. And staring at the street Christmas lights come 4 o'clock will distract you even more. 

5. Finance systems are the most boring thing, but probably the most important you will ever have to do. 

6. It's crazy how happy a freshly painted room and new blinds can make staff- they even come in on their day off to have a look at it. 

7. Join in on complimenting their freshly painted walls, they really like that. 

8. There's always that one person who doesn't want the heating on #myofficemyrules

9. Finishing work early is like finding that box of chocolates you hid away 3 months ago, everyone is a winner. 

I had a blast at trying my hand at adult life, something my 15 year old self would shudder at the thought of, but it's got me set up for when that 9 till 5 job does come around. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Little Things #13

It's been a while since one of these posts has appeared on my blog, I almost forgot that I had started this series. But never fear, they will be back on a weekly basis now normality has resumed and the Christmas madness is over, 349 days to go till Christmas 2016. I joke, I'm not really that crazy person who is counting down till this year's festivities, I am. Before I go off on a rambling about Christmas I'm going to end this intro here, and leave you with what I've been loving this week. {I've said Christmas far too many times in one paragraph}

1. I'm completely obsessed with my new, silver, shiny shoes. I could not resist these after spotting them in Matalan, and when I saw the price tag of only £4, holla January sales, I pretty much jumped up and down on the spot. They may not be winter wearable but they make my feet look, in the words of Sharpay Evans, fabulous. 

2. Sherlock Holmes graced our screens once again. It may have been the most confusing episode ever but nonetheless it lived up to expectations. {Ed's note: Don't watch it slightly hungover or sleep deprived, it will leave you mind-boggled}

3. Prince George once again made the nation 'awwww' after photos were released of his first day at nursery, just look at his golden locks and chubby cheeks! 

4. I, Bethany Webb, have started running. I can happily admit I'm not getting very far, at the moment, but it's crazy how much better it can make you feel. If you ever see a girl wearing a neon pink running top and Christmas pudding hat then that will be me. 

5. January sales also saw me adding this beauty to my spring wardrobe. Everyone needs a coat for every season right?

6. Rumour has it that Emma Stone is set to play Cruella De Vil in a new live action film surrounding the fur coat, stiletto wearing villain. If this is set to be anything like Maleficent then we are in for a treat. 

7. Another Emma related point, but this time it's about my-ultimate-girl-crush, Emma Watson. She announced this week that she's starring a feminist book club and I cannot wait to see her recommendations. 

8. Jason's mumma hit the mark with this scarf (pictured) for Christmas. It doubles up as a travel blanket and it's my number one companion for setting foot outdoors. 

9. My recent discovery has led to me finding out that the end of this month is in fact York Residents festival. In other terms if you live in York you get into lots of tourist attractions for free, now who's winning at life. York Dungeons and Castle Howard come at me. 

That's all for now folks, I'm off to pack for a flying visit home for a family get together and to pick up my thermals as it's set to snow next week, hallelujah!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015?

Christmas? Oh yeah I remember that, the day that was two weeks ago but might aswell be a lifetime ago. I know this may probably seem like an overdue post but I suppose you can also look at it as a December favourites, 2 in 1 #winningatlife. I've seen so many of these posts crop up  on my feed as I watched my to-do list (mainly consisting of pre and post NYE party clean up) grow bigger and bigger. However, my inner nosiness curiosity leaps for joy every time I see a 'what I got for...' so I figured some of you may appreciate this post however late it is. This is the part where I should probably mention that I'm not showing off or bragging about my gifts, more just appeasing to other peoples needs- plus they often offer up some great inspiration for gifts for other people or even a treat for yourself.

Craft Pegs | White Chocolate Buttons | Cheshire Cat | Smarties | Ted Baker Nail Polish | Cath Kidson Apron | Muffins Recipe Book | Wooden Spoon | Personalized Photo Block | Cocoa Bubble Bath | Bambi DVD | Brave DVD | Grey Notebook | Alice in Wonderland Notebook | Victoria Sponge Scented Candle | Heart Measuring Spoons | Elle Magazine Subscription 

 I decided to pick out my favourite bits I received, and as you can probably tell many of them were baking or Disney related which I couldn't be happier about. (I'm a very easy person to buy for!) I also cannot stress enough how amazing the Victoria Sponge candle smells, I often make a trip to the other side of the room just to smell it so you all need to get yourselves one of these. This Christmas also marked us becoming proud owners of a slow cooker, and you know you're acing adult life when you get excited about new pots and pie dishes to add to your collection. Happy Thursday!  

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

It's Tuesday morning, there are no more Christmas decorations around (unless you like to drag it out till the last day) and the weather is miserable. However, I was up early this morning and went for a run. Yes, a run. Granted I didn't get that far, but me and my fluorescent pink top were bobbing along at 9am this morning in my Christmas pudding bobble hat, a fashion icon I know. In light of this quest for healthiness I've also vowed to myself to read more this year, so although I haven't set myself any definite resolutions for this year, I'm setting myself a challenge. Upon browsing through blogs I came across the 2016 Reading Challenge and decided to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not saying I will complete all of them however I can be a little hermit crab sometimes when it comes to reading books so this will get me out of my comfort zone and find some new author/genres/series that I may grow to love. 


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year

We are officially 34 hours into 2016 and I'm still going to be writing 2015 for the next three months. So far the new year has bought me a morning with an surprisingly bearable hangover, an afternoon amble around the city walls and an evening counting down the minutes till Sherlock arrived back on my screen. {Spoiler alert: It was amazing}. 

I brought in the New Year by gathering round the almighty York Minster with some of my BFFS, confusingly looking around whilst counting down (as no-one else seemed to be doing so) to then embrace in cuddles and wishing one another a Happy New Year. It sounds quite civilized when you look at it like that, maybe I won't mention the amount of vodka consumed during beer pong or the plastic bottles we filled with 3 parts vodka to 1 part fanta to take with us on our walk to the Minster. Our party may have been cut short slightly, someone had a little tooo much of my vodka remedy, but it didn't dampen the mood as the party just carried on in the bedroom, in the form of a pjyama party of course. I don't know about my chums but I certainly enjoyed myself as it was a good way to say Au Revoir to 2015 and Bonjour to 2016. 

I probably say this every year, but I think 2015 was one of my favourites. There was a lot of bad times, but the good times will always triumph those, (something I learnt from Once Upon a Time- good will always win over evil) no matter how bad they might be. Now this is probably the part where I should look back over my December goals and last New Years resolutions. I am proud to say I completed all of my December goals, however I think my resolutions last year were a little ambitious to say the least- I blame the sleep-deprived student in me who was fretting over writing a literature review. But none the less I have made the executive decision to not set myself anything too specific this year. I want to be healthier, visit some new places and enjoy every second. As for my monthly goals I'm going to use this month to get myself back into a routine after the Christmas sludge and bringing my life back up to track!

Enough of the ramblings, enjoy your last weekend of staying on the sofa all day and stuffing your face with chocolate before the back to work regime!

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