Thursday, 7 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015?

Christmas? Oh yeah I remember that, the day that was two weeks ago but might aswell be a lifetime ago. I know this may probably seem like an overdue post but I suppose you can also look at it as a December favourites, 2 in 1 #winningatlife. I've seen so many of these posts crop up  on my feed as I watched my to-do list (mainly consisting of pre and post NYE party clean up) grow bigger and bigger. However, my inner nosiness curiosity leaps for joy every time I see a 'what I got for...' so I figured some of you may appreciate this post however late it is. This is the part where I should probably mention that I'm not showing off or bragging about my gifts, more just appeasing to other peoples needs- plus they often offer up some great inspiration for gifts for other people or even a treat for yourself.

Craft Pegs | White Chocolate Buttons | Cheshire Cat | Smarties | Ted Baker Nail Polish | Cath Kidson Apron | Muffins Recipe Book | Wooden Spoon | Personalized Photo Block | Cocoa Bubble Bath | Bambi DVD | Brave DVD | Grey Notebook | Alice in Wonderland Notebook | Victoria Sponge Scented Candle | Heart Measuring Spoons | Elle Magazine Subscription 

 I decided to pick out my favourite bits I received, and as you can probably tell many of them were baking or Disney related which I couldn't be happier about. (I'm a very easy person to buy for!) I also cannot stress enough how amazing the Victoria Sponge candle smells, I often make a trip to the other side of the room just to smell it so you all need to get yourselves one of these. This Christmas also marked us becoming proud owners of a slow cooker, and you know you're acing adult life when you get excited about new pots and pie dishes to add to your collection. Happy Thursday!  

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