Sunday, 10 January 2016

Little Things #13

It's been a while since one of these posts has appeared on my blog, I almost forgot that I had started this series. But never fear, they will be back on a weekly basis now normality has resumed and the Christmas madness is over, 349 days to go till Christmas 2016. I joke, I'm not really that crazy person who is counting down till this year's festivities, I am. Before I go off on a rambling about Christmas I'm going to end this intro here, and leave you with what I've been loving this week. {I've said Christmas far too many times in one paragraph}

1. I'm completely obsessed with my new, silver, shiny shoes. I could not resist these after spotting them in Matalan, and when I saw the price tag of only £4, holla January sales, I pretty much jumped up and down on the spot. They may not be winter wearable but they make my feet look, in the words of Sharpay Evans, fabulous. 

2. Sherlock Holmes graced our screens once again. It may have been the most confusing episode ever but nonetheless it lived up to expectations. {Ed's note: Don't watch it slightly hungover or sleep deprived, it will leave you mind-boggled}

3. Prince George once again made the nation 'awwww' after photos were released of his first day at nursery, just look at his golden locks and chubby cheeks! 

4. I, Bethany Webb, have started running. I can happily admit I'm not getting very far, at the moment, but it's crazy how much better it can make you feel. If you ever see a girl wearing a neon pink running top and Christmas pudding hat then that will be me. 

5. January sales also saw me adding this beauty to my spring wardrobe. Everyone needs a coat for every season right?

6. Rumour has it that Emma Stone is set to play Cruella De Vil in a new live action film surrounding the fur coat, stiletto wearing villain. If this is set to be anything like Maleficent then we are in for a treat. 

7. Another Emma related point, but this time it's about my-ultimate-girl-crush, Emma Watson. She announced this week that she's starring a feminist book club and I cannot wait to see her recommendations. 

8. Jason's mumma hit the mark with this scarf (pictured) for Christmas. It doubles up as a travel blanket and it's my number one companion for setting foot outdoors. 

9. My recent discovery has led to me finding out that the end of this month is in fact York Residents festival. In other terms if you live in York you get into lots of tourist attractions for free, now who's winning at life. York Dungeons and Castle Howard come at me. 

That's all for now folks, I'm off to pack for a flying visit home for a family get together and to pick up my thermals as it's set to snow next week, hallelujah!

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