Friday, 6 November 2015

Guy Fawkes Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November? I do, it was yesterday and it was great! I don't know whether I have ever told you this but I love Bonfire night and everything that comes along with it- hot dogs, toffee apples, sparklers, fireworks the lot. This year we splashed out a little and attended the Fireworks Spectacular at York Maze {One I would thoroughly recommend.} 

Luckily we thought ahead and I purchased some new wellington boots to keep my tootsies nice and dry whilst walking across the muddy fields. So at 6 o'clock I pulled them on, wrapped up warm and off we went. As the event was sold out we were expecting it to be a night-mare getting parked but it actually went rather smoothly. First things first, head to the gift shop of course. I've raved about this gift shop before when we visited over Summer, but this time it was filed with Christmas loveliness and I may have splashed out the cash on a few bits- I did buy my first Christmas present though. After putting it behind the counter to collect on our way out, super helpful, we headed off to find a space in front of the bonfire. We were warmed up with a fierce fire show then stood in awe as the bonfire was lit, I love fire. 

Half an hour later and the fireworks began. As the event was in partnership with Minster FM there was a collection of songs choreographed to the display, and they were amazing. I managed to get a few good shots but spent most of the time admiring the sky. Once it was over, we headed to the marquee to grab some food and ended the evening dancing away to the live band, who were a-mazing. Four hours later, with muddy boots and danced out feet we were on our way home after a lovely Bonfire night. If any of you are yet to celebrate I hope you have lots of fun and stay safe!

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