Monday, 23 November 2015

Little Things #10

What a week, or should I say two weeks. Life has been so hectic I haven't known whether I've been coming or going, but I'm back to some normality now which means back to some regular blog posts- hurrah! I can't explain how much bad luck I've experienced over the past two weeks, and it doesn't seem to be changing any time soon but I've been learning to focus on the good things at the moment and forget about the bad things that are going on. So what better way to do that, then to look back over what nice things have happened...

1. I went home Friday before last to surprise my Mumma for a nice family weekend and it's safe to say it worked. 

2. My weekend at home was full of everything Christmassy and I loved every second. 

3. I got to see my favourite 4 year-olds and their little sister and it was lovely to spend some time with them. 

4. My flat smells so cinnamonny after lighting this Yankee Candle my sister brought me

5. Lots of pennies later and Dudley the Peugeot is finally fixed

6. Our chili seeds are growing. You might remember me mentioning a while back that we Jay killed Frank the plant, so we recycled the soil and planted some chili seeds I got from Wahaca back in October

7. One week ago I walked across a stage and finally received my degree certificate. You can catch up on the written post of graduation here {The photo edition will be coming very soon}

8. I had a lovely weekend in Southampton filled with catch ups and dancing and relaxing

Hopefully my bad luck will turn to good very soon, but for now I'm going to fully immerse myself in the festive spirit and look forward to my Mumma coming up (again) for her Christmas shopping weekend. 

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