Wednesday, 4 November 2015

November Goals

A new month is upon us which means a whole new set of goals, or old ones that I haven't yet completed. I loved October, yes there was many parts that I would have liked to skip, but I learnt so much from it and had some very enjoyable moments- you can catch them here if you haven't already. But back to business, last month I set myself 8 goals and can safely say I stuck to nearly all of them!

1. Read 2 (or more books)
2. Bake some goodies
3. Tidy the flat (unpack the remaining boxes)

4. Paint the upstairs rooms
5. Find some more favourite blogs
6. Start yoga 

7. Do something fun for Halloween
8. Try a new restaurant

My books weren't delivered till last week and my super busy week has meant I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to spend curled up on the sofa. This also means we have put off painting till the new year when we're ready to get out our rollers and brushes again. Unfortunately, we haven't yet ventured out to try a new restaurant in York as we've been having too much fun cooking new recipes, you can check out my autumn mushrooms and herby pasta post here, but that may change in the near future. Now, below are my goals for November- hopefully I'll stick to all of these one!

1. Write my Christmas list
2. Read 2 (or more books)
3. Keep upright when walking across the stage at Graduation
4. Make the flat as Christmassy as Santa's Grotto
5. Start Christmas shopping
6. Have plans for Bonfire night

7. Cook lots of casseroles and stews

As you can see, most of my goals are Christmas related, but Halloween is over which means Christmas can officially begin, right? Plus Starbucks now have their #redcups in, so technically the rest of us can get in the festive spirit too.

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