Sunday, 1 November 2015

Monthly Round Up: October

The clocks went back last weekend which means colder nights and more reason to spend them curled up on a sofa. October has been a great month, I love the seasonal feeling it brings along with the change in colour of leaves, the reason to dig out big scarfs and woolly jumpers, and swapping of flats to boots. We spent the most of our October exploring the new surroundings, sprucing up the flat and getting into the swing of adult life, I seem to have a never ending pile of ironing to do. It's been a super month, and I can't wait for what November brings. 

The Good Great
October has brought us some great TV. We had the Great British Bake Off Final, go Nadiya, Dr. Foster, the return of Googlebox, Dr. Who and of course DIY:SOS. I've also been introduced to Sherlock, I know, I can't believe I haven't watched it before either, and I am hooked. So that teaser that we were treated to recently has got me super excited. 

The Bad
I have spent many a days with a snotty nose or a splitting headache leaving me feeling down in the dumps. 

The Ugly
We killed Frank. Well Jason killed Frank. Don't worry, Frank is a plant, not a person, however our parenting skills weren't top notch. 

The Weird
Blue mash, and the strange thing is it doesn't taste any different to 'normal' mash. These salad blue potatoes are super eye-catching, and something you can surprise guests with!  

The Wonderful
Pumpkins. Pumpkin everything is the most wonderful thing about October. The nights are darker and colder, but as long as you have a pumpkin candle glowing in the corner you can feel super cosy. 

Hope you all had a lovely October.  


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