Saturday, 31 October 2015

Double, double, toil and trouble

Happy Halloween! The day has finally come where it's acceptable to go out in your pjs, with bed hair and no make-up and not a single soul can judge you. Not that I'll be doing that though, just because they can't judge doesn't mean you won't get some funny looks! Instead I'm spending the day cleaning and tidying whilst Jay's at work, then we're heading out for a ghost tour of York- relevant I know

With Halloween comes the fun of dressing up as your alter ego and carving pumpkins, so why not dedicate a post to just that! I'm such a big kid at heart, so I take pumpkin carving very seriously. In hindsight we probably should have bought one of those over-priced pumpkin carving kits for the fiddly bits, but our ice-cream scoop and knives worked out just fine in the end. As we had three to carve, yes three, we took a pumpkin each and shared the last one. They all ended up with three different faces, but they look great next to each other. And if you're wondering, a white pumpkin is white inside but a blue pumpkin is orange and very hard to carve!

Our first Halloween event was really last night as Red Goat Climbing Wall hosted a Halloween climbing competition. I didn't climb, too much of a pansy at the moment with heights, but I did however dedicate Friday to making a budget Halloween costume. This had to be something that meant Jay could still move and climb in whilst looking spectacular. What did we opt for? A spider. I had already created this look 2 years ago, I;ll treat you to the throwback don below, so I thought it would be relatively easy to recreate. All you need is two pairs of tights + one for your legs, some fair wings, black fabric/ bin liner, old magazines/ newspapers, tape, scissors and sewing kit. Put it together and what have you got, bibbidy, bobbidy, boo. I have to say it worked out pretty damn well and he received second prize for it, result! {I bought a cat mask and tail and went for the simple but effective look}. 

I hope everyone has a spooky day and night and eats lots of Halloween treats. I'll be off getting spooked out in the dark and planning what to make with my pumpkins after today. P.S. Here's the throwback I promised you.


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