Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn: five favourite Instagram accounts

I love Instagram. Like, I think it is safe to say I am obsessed with it. I'm a sucker for photos, and can spend hours scrolling through feeds, being careful to not be that weirdo who likes a photo from months ago because I've ended up scrolling through someone's account and ended up in 2012. I know there's the ongoing debate of the augmented reality Instagram shows but I find it's a great platform to find inspiration, grab some style steals and relax into a dream world. Below are just a few accounts that I'm loving right now. 

1. @fellowmag
Every time a new post crops up from this account it makes me want to just pack up and move across the pond to the wilderness in America. I could be living in a cabin house in the middle of the woods, surrounded by moose and mountains, wearing plaid shirts and boots on a daily basis. 

2. @amberfillerup
If you love everything from braids to bubbas then this is the perfect blog for you. Each photo fills me with a #familygoals feeling and makes me want to dive into each adventure they go on. 

3. @katymitten
Katy's posts bring such a fresh feeling to my news feed. Her simplistic but styled photos flow elegantly from post to post. If your a cat lover and cacti enthusiast then this Instagrammer is for you!

4. @bonaturlig
I am a sucker, and I mean sucker for interior designs. I could sit on Pinterest all day and pin home inspiration posts, which I think is why I adore this IG so much. Her posts are so Pinterest worthy and make me want to become an instant home owner so I can have beautiful spaces. 

5. @bbcgoodfood
Now this wouldn't be a post without some kind of mention of food now would it? I'm really enjoying experimenting with recipes at the moment and this feed works wonders for giving me new ideas for meal times and treats. 

If you want to check out any of these feeds then their links are in the tags. Who are your favourite IG's at the moment?

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