Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A day in Whitby

It's a Saturday morning. You wake up to blue skies and nippy temperatures so naturally that means a day at the seaside. Some people would think we're barmy heading to the coast in freezing conditions, but not I said Beth. So off we drove into the snowy mountains, literally, to get to Whitby. {Jason's little Peugeot did a grand job of trudging through the snowy roads and up and down the hills}

After taking a few wrong turns, I'm ignored when suggesting directions, we got ourselves parked, for free, and wrapped up head to toe. This was a new place for the both of us so we were keen to get exploring. The sea was super choppy which made for great pictures, and I took my hat off to the three chaps who were brave enough to surf the waves. We took a walk up the pier followed by a unsuccessful shell hunt on the beach, I wasn't wearing my wellies so I wasn't prepared to get wet feet for the search. 

As our tummies rumbled we stopped off at the amusements, a seaside must, lost lots of 2ps, then carried on to find us a spot of fish 'n' chips. Ideally we would have gone to a 'chippy' and sat on the beach fighting away the greedy seagulls, however our red noses indicated we needed some warmth so we settled for fish 'n' chips in a pub. It was delicious*.
*said in a french accent

Once we were suitably full and our noses had returned to their normal colour we made our way towards the town and harbour to explore the shops. Whitby offers such a variety including many sweet shops, meaning I had to pull myself away from leaving with an armful of fudge, the struggle was real. The next and final part to our adventure was clambering the 199 steps to the top off the cliff and Whitby Abbey. The views at the top are definitely worth the climb, even if you're legs are resembling jelly on a plate. 

We've already planned to return to Whitby in the warmer weather so we can play some crazy golf, it's closed out of season, and hop on a boat tour to see some whales. It may not ever be as warm as the coasts down South, but if you're ever up North I'd recommend a trip to visit this seaside town- even if it is to leave with an armful of fudge. 


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