Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Start of something new

I have just finished a High School Musical marathon so it was only fitting that I titled this post after Troy and Gabriella's first ever duet {If you have no idea what I'm talking about shame on you!} I am also starting something new, I'm not just dedicating a whole post to High School Musical as tempting as it is. This new thing is in fact a job. I'll say it again, I finally have a full-time, 9 to 5:30 job after 4 months of interviews, breakdowns and career questioning. 

Perseverance paid off, and I'm utterly thrilled (and super nervous) to be starting on Monday as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive, how suave. To many of you that title will mean nothing, so to put it simply, I'm going to be assisting with the digital marketing for a variety of different brands, which is crazily exciting. 

Not only this but I get to be a part of a pretty cool company in a beautiful location, and a welcoming team who share my love of Disney. Fun fact: My first question in my interview was "If you could be a Disney character who would you be?" I'll leave you guessing the answer for now, but I think I'm going to fit in pretty well. 

It does mean that this is my last week as an unemployed graduate so I'm making the most of it by sleeping in, staying in my PJs and soaking up the daytime TV. I'm also having great fun suiting and booting myself up for the occasion with a whole new work-wear-wardrobe and hunting for the perfect mug, you've gotta make an impression. So here's to my new adventure as a working girl, let's drink to that


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