Sunday, 31 January 2016

Little Things #15

Today concludes my final thirteen days of ultimate laziness and I have soaked up every second. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my first proper job and I am pooping my pants, super excited. In this run up over the past weeks, I have got my shit together in prepping my wardrobe, desk and lunches- very important. I have also made the most of spending time with Jay, including a jam packed two days this weekend sightseeing, York Residents Festival has been great! For now I leave you with what else I've been up to the past two weeks that don't involve anything to do with my new job. {Editors note: The novelty of this working business will wear off soon}

1. I was reunited with my Papa and other family members last week and it was nice to have a sit down and a catch up, even if the SatNav took us up the most mountainous, skinniest lane ever. 

2. We've added two new house plants to our abode and our fingers are getting greener. (Names are yet to come)

3. Mary Berry hit our screens this week and it made my Wednesday night! What could be better than Bake Off with celebrities who have no idea what they're doing? And it's all in the name of Sports Relief!

4. ELLE's March edition arrived in my postbox this week and it's a fat one.

5. After a few evenings of binge watching, we're up to date on Dickensian and I'm hooked #hurryupWednesday

7.  Holly and Phillip turned up to This Morning white-girl-wasted last Thursday and it was the best.

8. I've felt like Dora the Explorer visiting lots of new and exciting places, who says weekends have to be boring. 

9. J K Rowling has released the goss on the wizarding schools across the pond, muggles everywhere are in for a treat! 

My stomach is rumbling away as our roast dinner is cooking in the oven and we've got The Incredibles to watch so that's my cue to stop babbling. I've also got some lunch to prepare and an outfit to decide on so I need to get moving if I want to get my 8 hours sleep tonight too. Wish me luck that I don't trip up and embarrass myself on day 1. 

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