Friday, 22 January 2016

Run like a girl

If you had shown me this photo a year ago then the response you would have probably received would have been a laugh followed by the lines of "not in a million years". I mean one year from now I could be checking out my Timehop, smirking about that one time I tried my hand at exercise, who knows. But Jason Mraz taught me we should be living in the moment, so right now I'm gonna keep on running in preparation for a marathon. One thing I found that keeps me motivated is reading other fitness fanatics tips and tricks, so I thought I'd share some inside knowledge that I've learnt over the past few weeks and pretend I'm one of them, a girl can dream. 

1. Get yourself some comfy shoes. None of this blisters malarkey, your feet should be suited and booted for the occasion. 

2. Make yourself a playlist. Mix it up to begin with, throw in some Hoedown Throwdown and Single Ladies, along with some slow numbers your thirteen year old self used to dance to with your crush to find out which genre works best for you. 

3. Find yourself a running partner, it gives you someone to babble to as you run and make you feel invincible when having to run through a group of teenage boys.  

4. Wear layers, light layers. You will end up getting sweaty*, red cheeked and stripping off. 
*If you're potential running partner is a new love interest then you will have to be prepared to be seen looking like a tomato with sweat dripping down your face. 

5. Make sure some of your layers are bright colours, especially if you're going to head out in the dark. If there's anything that primary school taught us, it's that hedgehogs only get across the road with reflective clothing and plastic things you hang off your rucksacks. 

6. Plan a route. My current route tends to be jogging to meet Jay from climbing. It's just the right length, not the most picturesque, but the parks aren't looking too pretty yet anyway. 

7. Don't push yourself. Even if you can only run a quarter of a mile before getting a stitch and having to stop, that's an achievement. You made it out the front door, pat yourself on the back. 

8. It's better to be the turtle then the hare. Slow and steady will always win, plus it will stop you from feeling like you're about to kill over, wheezing and puffing on the spot.

9. Be confident, #ThisGirlCan and all that jazz. 

10. Have fun. Think of that toned derrière you're gonna get and all those extra cakes you can eat- that's my way to enjoy it anywho.

Coincidently I'm off to tackle the cold and burn off those calories, so I can put them all back on again with the bowl of ice-cream I'm going to devour for desert tonight. It’s Friday, when else can you let your hair down. Happy running chappies!


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