Friday, 29 January 2016

Monthly Round Up: January 2016

The first month of 2016 is nearly over, how crazy is that! For many people January is a bit of a blue month with the back to work feeling after the jolly holidays, but for me it's been a whirlwind of a month. I saw the New Year in with some of my besties, started and finished many TV series and bagged myself one of those adult things called a job. I can definitely say that I'm ready for February to begin with a whole round of new beginnings, but for now lets look back at what January had to offer. 

The Good
Pretty Little Liars has returned! Should probably rename this as 'The Confusing' though, as every episode leaves me wondering what I just watched, with 9348 questions spinning round my mind. Nothing is ever simple in Rosewood.  

The Bad
Bills. That time of year where all companies think it's a great time to remind their people that they owe them money. Not up there with my top ten January moments I'm afraid. 

The Ugly
It has rained far too much for my liking. If it was snow then I wouldn't be complaining, but this wet weather can sod off, especially as I'm joining the commuting world, rain is not what I want to see at 7:30 in the morning. 

The Weird
I took up running, and stuck to it. It definitely gave me a boost of energy and left me feeling slightly less guilty about the four packs of mince pies I still had left to devour. As I'm no longer going to be able to go out in the day I'm going to swap my running shoes for my swimming costume as no-one wants to run in the dark. {Fear not, when the evenings get lighter, I will resume}. 

The Wonderful
I am an employed human being, in case you didn't already realise. My new job status has meant I have been out buying office-appropriate clothes and getting inspo for my desk- my fellow course friends have been super helpful.   

So there we have it. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have returned to our screens for a short while and I'm sipping away on a dreamy hot chocolate. Time to go and watch some more Dickensian, we started the series late, and snuggle under a blanket. See you next month for the second round up of twenty-sixteen. 

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