Friday, 3 June 2016

Monthly Round Up: May {2016}

It would seem that we're skipping summer and just heading straight into autumn, maybe the big guy in the sky has had enough of short shorts. Or maybe we're just being teased and temperatures are going to soar into the thirties, a girl can dream. This month has been a great one for holidays. I had no 5 day working-weeks in May, how I'm going to get through June I don't know. I did however finish another book and started a new TV series- I think the main reason I like it is because it has Jennifer Morrison aka. Emma Swan in it, although whenever she makes out with someone I instantly feel a pang of betrayal to Hook #CaptainSwan4ever

The Good
We joined the RHS at the start of the month and are loving life with our new, flash membership card. We're probably in the running for the award of 'Youngest RHS Members' but who doesn't love spending their weekends wandering round garden centres, drinking tea and eating scones.

The Bad
Once Upon A Time has finished for another season and I feel a little lost. *insert emoji with tear dripping from eye* I know it's 18 days until Pretty Little Liars is back, but that will introduce characters we've never heard of, start relationships that should never start and tell us who A is then introduce a new A.

The Ugly
Waking up on the Friday before your holiday feeling like you've downed a whole bottle of vodka is never fun. It ended up with me calling in sick, as I couldn't even sit up without the room spinning, and taking a trip to the doctors. 1 ECG and 1 pregnancy test later confirmed I have a healthy heart, I'm not pregnant and it was most likely the flu. Out of the three, the flu is probably the best result, however, no-one wants to be poorly on holiday.

The Weird
I've managed to keep my sunflower alive for nearly a whole month. As in I grew it in a little pot, and then moved it to a bigger pot and it's still growing. {I've marked the cane it's supported by, and I feel like a proud mummy seeing it soar past it!} This RHS stuff must be paying off.

The Wonderful
The back end of May, makes it sound like some kind of animal, was spent overseas, approximately 1,105 miles away. We hopped on a plane and flew over to Barcelona and had an absolutely fabulous time. You can read all about it here. And if you want any tips then you can check out my recommendations of where to go. Self-promo is great.

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