Thursday, 23 June 2016

Gift Guide: New Home

It's been one whole year since we picked up our keys to our little flat and it's been one hell of a ride. To start with I've managed to put up with living with a boy, which I think I deserve a medal for. Yes they smell. Yes they're messy. But they have dinner ready for when you get home for work and don't moan about your obsessive cushion arrangements or bed making- at least that's what mine does/doesn't.* In light of this flatversary I've put together a collection of gifts we received when we moved in/bought for other people that are perfect for new homeowners. 
1. The best bathroom guest book there ever was from Oliver Bonas.
2. Pretty colourful vases or 'Amalfi Torps' as Next call them. 
3. All drinks need a deep sea diver ice-cube from John Lewis.
4. Pom pom cushions are always a winner from Oliver Bonas.
5. A jazzy unicorn spaghetti measurer from The Gift Oasis.
6. A Disney reference is essential with this be my guest dishcloth from H&M.
7. A giant colouring page of the world from Oliver Bonas.
8. Make a house a home with this yellow decorative frame from Zara.
9. Super adorable pair of garden gnomes from Next.
10. Have a fart-free zone with his candle from The White Company.
11. Because ordinary toast is for losers from Waterstones
12. A decorative rolling pin from Anthropologie.
13. A retro radio for kitchen dancing from John Lewis.


*I'm partly-kidding about the smelly and messy part and I love living with my BFF!


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