Friday, 8 July 2016

Monthly Round Up: June {2016}

I'm currently struggling to keep my eyes open whilst munching my way through my penultimate Easter Egg. Yes, it's only 9pm and I'm only twenty-one but I had a late night last night and this girl needs her rest. And yes I still have Easter Eggs left, I'm just savoring every last piece of them. The end of June/start of July has been far too manic with work and going home three weekends in a row. Whilst it's been lovely, I'm super excited to get some routine back in my life as of next week, with a hopeful return to regular blog posts, but for now have my well over-due June round-up!

The Good
We chased the sun, when it decided to appear, and spent many a day discovering some new places. One of these was a gem of  restaurant in the heart of the city where I had a yummy soup and the tastiest bread I have ever had, no word of a lie. The best/worst part of it was that it was homemade so I couldn't even go and buy out the bakery it could have come from. 

The Bad
Prepare for this one. As we were over said part of town (see previous point), we took a stroll round the corner to what was my favourite little gift shop, only to discover it has shut down. (insert heartbreak emoji x 100) I'm still in shock'/ feel as devastated as I did when I first walked round the corner.

The Ugly
Booking a holiday the same month that your car insurance is due probably wasn't the wisest of moves. Especially when you're other half no longer get's his student loans and doesn't start his job till the end of July. Here's to winning the lottery sometime soon!

The Weird

This month I purchased some shoes with pom poms on. Personally, I think they're great (obvs otherwise I wouldn't have bought them). However, the looks I've received after showing/explaining my new additions has said otherwise- AKA. Why on earth would you want shoes with pom poms on you weirdo. 

The Wonderful
I received a £25 Zara voucher for completing my social media course a few months back and it couldn't have come at a better time. Zara + summer sales = heaven, although my bank balance doesn't always agree. But with £25 to spend, it just gives me an excuse to spend more, doesn't it?


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