Friday, 22 July 2016

A Little Life Update

The title of this post should be 'Little Things #26' however since my last little update Theresa May has appointed what seems to be a rather worrying team of sidekicks, Murray won it for us Brits and Pretty Little Liars got even more dramatic. My weeks seem to be flying by lately so here's the 411 on what's been keeping my little self content.

  • We celebrated our first flat-vessary and I'm impressed to say we've only locked ourselves out once.
  • I bought some shoes that have pom-poms on them.
  • It's 37 days until I go on holiday and workouts have re-commenced which I'm quite enjoying so far. 
  • I attended a viewing of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child and it was magical. 
  • I'm totally digging work at the moment because a) we've had a change up and I love my little team & b) part of this month's allocation was to read the dreamiest of magazines, also known as Country Living. 
  • Sunflower season has started and I'm in my element.
  • James Cordon released a new Carpool Karaoke.
  • The country experienced tropical weather which led to lunchtime sunbathing sessions.
  • We're celebrating our anniversary a week late with tickets booked for a drive-on cinema and I am beyond excited! 
  • Once Upon A Time released their return date of the 25th September and I am counting down the days. 
  • I did a charitable deed and chopped off my mop to donate to the Little Princess Trust. 
  • I caught up with my childhood BFF when I went home and got to cuddle baby guinea-pigs that had been born that morning. 
  • It's 12 days till I can listen to Swiftie's 22 all day long. 
  • My evening treat currently consists of either a Smarties or Rolo mix-in yogurt which I'm totally addicted to and could eat the entire pack if it was seen as greedy pig like. 
  • Me and Gossip Girl have re-kindled our relationship and it's going great xoxo

Side note: A breaking Twitter hashtag tells me that One Direction may be No Direction as Liam has signed a solo contract. This deeply devastates the secret side to me that loves One Direction and is a massive Directioner. 

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