Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sunshine, Strawberries & Scones

Sunday the 24th July 2016 has officially been renamed to Strawberry Sunday. It should probably include raspberry in there somewhere, but it doesn't have quite the same ring, just like my super alliterative title that just rolls off the tongue. We've just celebrated our four year anniversary so what better way to spend day one-thousand-four-hundred-and-sixty-two of our relationship than by filling punnets with juicy berries. {no innuendo intended}

The last time we went fruit-picking the strawberries were out of season, so my pre-weekend mission was to find a farm that still had strawberries to pick. Turns out most farms do (need to work on my seasonality knowledge for when we get our allotment), so we chose The Balloon Tree, just a fifteen minute drive outside of York. 

Obviously we headed for the strawberries first, they're my favourite if you haven't already guessed. It didn't take us long to fill up a punnet of the plumpest strawbs so we then took a trip to the bottom of the field to find some raspberries. It seems no-one had ventured down to the spot we chose, so we had a wide bunch to choose from, and quickly filled up a second punnet. 

It's probably worth saying that this PYO farm isn't the cheapest, especially when it comes to paying per kg not per punnet, but the experience is super relaxing and it's a lot of fun choosing your own fruit/veg for the week. The also do some very tasty scones which make for a great afternoon tea!


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