Monday, 13 June 2016

Why I Love Living In York: York Food Festival

Want to know two words that are music to my ears? Food Festival. Want to know what's even better? When it's happening 10 minutes up the road from me. York Food Festival makes an annual appearance every September, so as a warm up, they put on a taste of what's to come. This meant we spent our Saturday wandering round York, before heading to Parliament Street for all the foodie action. 

One of my favourite parts of these sort of events is all the local produce that is on show. I'm a big 'support the locals' kinda girl, so naturally we couldn't stay away from the meat and bread stalls. I'm also a big 'let's try something different' kinda girl. So after being roped into an Italian stall with the words, 'free samples', we ended up walking away with three bags of ravioli. 

Deciding what to have for lunch was the hardest part of the day. From curry to hotdogs, there was something to suit everyone. We opted for a pulled pork bun with lemon and fennel colslaw which was super yummy, and super filling. It was then topped off with a Creemio (coconut and nutella) ice-cream as I discovered my favourite gift-shop had closed down. Shortly after this I also stepped in a big pile of goose poop. What a bittersweet Saturday it was. 


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