Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The sun has got his hat on

What glorious weather we have been having recently, the sun has been shining, birds have been singing and I have been stuck at work. Yes, whilst half of Britain basked in our mini-heatwave that made us warmer than the exotic lands of Spain and Greece, I was part of that other half who was stuck inside, following the fan around the room and spraying myself with water at every opportunity. It wasn't all doom and gloom though. I have managed to enjoy and appreciate this weather on a few occasions!
The first was a short bike ride with my sister to deliver some party invitations to a friend (yes, I felt like I was 7 again posting their envelopes through the door with their names written in gold, sparkly pen). I'm lucky enough to live right next door to fields and woods, making it a picturesque place for pedaling up and down hills. Granted, I did get eaten alive by bugs and it wasn't the most padded of seats, but I did have a nice bonding session with the littler version of me, even if I did give her no choice as to whether she was coming or not, and I got to enjoy the evening summer sun we all wish for when it's pouring with rain.
My second encounter with the big, yellow ball of fire happened over the weekend when I finally got to see my 'little sisters', not technically my little sisters but they might as well be. Mum gets to go every Friday afternoon to spend time with them, but due to my work schedule I cannot accompany her. So instead me and Jay spent our Saturday morning taking them to the park, splashing in a stream, hopping on stepping stones, singing copious amounts of nursery rhymes on the trampoline (ring-a-ring-a-roses and sleeping bunnies were popular choices) and enjoying a lunchtime BBQ. No better way to spend a Saturday, apart from the dodgy sunburn mark on my shoulder that better disappear before I go on holiday otherwise I will be spending my days trying to cover up the fact that I'm a typical British sun disaster, that I try to convince myself otherwise.
As of this week, the sun seems to be fed up and has gone back into hiding, although the Telegraph tells me that we are expected another heatwave, and it will be even hotter (a 'I'll believe it when I see it ideal)! The weather lady also promises me that it's going to be nice by the end of the week, and I hope she doesn't break her promises as I've got Friday off work (yay) and I'm off to London Zoo for their Sunset Safari. Keep your eyes peeled, as I will give you an update on how my adventures in London unfold later this week!

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