Saturday, 26 September 2015

Homeware Haul: My favourites

We have internet *does a little dance with a bum wiggle* which means I can finally start to blog frequently again. My life has been a little busy recently as the downstairs of our apartment now has a fresh coat of magnolia on the walls and I am so glad to be having a break before we tackle the upstairs, painting is hard work! This is where all the fun begins now, the furnishing. Everything is starting to have a home and the flat is coming together beautifully, so beautiful I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you. 

Wall Art & Picture Frames
When I saw these illustrations I immediately fell in love. The Alice in Wonderland one has been used as birthday presents for two very good friends too as the design and thought put into it is well worthy of a gift. These pairings are both from and the frames are from The Range. One other favourite of mine is this drawing my 3-year-old 'sisters' drew for me. It has taken pride of place on my windowsill.

 Lantern- Wilkinson | Elephant- The Range | Vase- Home Sense
The other windowsill in the lounge has become my favourite and has such an ethnic, authentic look to it. I feel it reflects mine and Jay's passion to travel and the colours fit right into the downstairs colour theme. The vase is also from my favourite homeware store, Home Sense. 

 Vanilla Pillar Candle- Wilko | Spiced Pumpkin Jar- Home Sense | Strawberry & Kiwi- The Candle Factory | Poison Apple Jar- Maple & Whiskey

My candle collection is something that is currently growing, and soon the flat will be smelling heavenly. At the moment I have an array of scents which fill the rooms. The vanilla pillar fits perfectly in my glass lantern and the spiced pumpkin candle is filling the air with an autumnal aroma. The other two were both brought for me as gifts and I often find myself wandering over to them to give them a sniff.

I love cushions, like when I say love I mean I spend far too long in shops down the cushion aisle. If you haven't already guessed by now my downstairs has a bit of a theme of yellow/green/brown so these cushions fit in perfectly. I had had my eye on the Hello Sunshine beauty from Tesco for a long time before we moved in so that was the first to be bought. I'd also loved the stag patterns that are around as it brings such a country feel to a room so finding this beauty in Wilko's made my day. The tartan number is also from Wilko and our green gem is from The Range. (Have you noticed a pattern in our buying habits yet?)

Kitchen Decor
Yes, I know what your're thinking, "Where can I get that teapot?". Well, the answer is Whittard's. I got this divine tea pouring device for my birthday and I have to say it was one of my favourite presents! Alongside this we have a collection of cooking books which I got for a bargain price of £1.99 each from my local garden center and I can't wait to spend my weekends filling the kitchen with freshly baked goodies. 

I hope you enjoyed your little snippet into my favourite elements of my upcoming apartment. Next on the list is to style my bookcase and shelves so they're worthy of a "shelfie", yes apparently that is now a thing

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