Sunday, 27 September 2015

Little Things #4

Two posts in two days, aren't you lucky. If you read yesterday's post you'll know that most of my week has been occupied by painting, but I have managed to squeeze a few other things here and there.

1. I have bought my graduation ball dress at a bargain price of £16.99, oh how I love TK Maxx. My 'Great Gradsby' themed ball had me baffled as to what I could buy that doesn't break the bank and my glittery piece has done just that! Now for shoes and accessories, oh and a dress for my graduation!

2. This week we have been experimenting with new recipes and it has been just dreamy. I'm still pining after our stuffed mushrooms with herby mushroom pasta, it was to die for

3. One word, IKEA.

4. We have a chest of drawers, woohoo! No more floordrobe.

5. We took a visit to Leeds today and I had a delicious burger from Chicago's Rib Shack and got a free bottle of Coke to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. {We also saw lots of kilt-wearing me due to Leeds hosting the Scotland vs. America game}   

I'm off to London next weekend to meet up with some of my uni-girlfriends and I can't wait! 

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