Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Diary of a Working Girl: Bus Thoughts

This week was the beginning of a new era, I never have to get the bus to work again!* Conveniently, our lovely, new developer lives just down the road from me which means I've bagsied myself the front seat in his four-wheel machine every morning and evening. In my time of getting the bus there have been many things that have crossed my mind, so rather than keep these to myself I thought I'd document for them all to read!

  1. Monday morning and my bus is late, what a good start.
  2. "Can I have a weekly to...." Oh god, where is it I'm going again? I don't know. I cant remember. "Thorner!" Phew. 
  3. There is someone in my seat. Do they not realise that I sit there every day so I don't have a mini panic attack where I think I've missed my stop. 
  4. Where is my stop? When do I press the button? Oh gosh, I have no idea. 
  5. Where's my phone? Did I put it my bag? Yes, okay, stop panicking Beth. 
  6. Walk down the stairs, on a moving bus, in a skirt? Challenge accepted. 
  7. OMG, WHERE'S MY PHONE?!?! Right where it was 2 minutes ago Beth. 
  8. Wifi, y u no work?
  9. It's rush hour and you're taking up 6 seats between 2 of you. You don't need 2 seats for all your Primark bags, how greedy can you be. 
  10. Who looks friendly enough for me to sit next to them?
  11. Bus conversations are the best to earwig. Listening to music? Nope, I'm listening to your conversation. 
  12. 8:14- We're meant to be at this stop. We're not. We're 3 minutes behind schedule. 
  13. It smells of wee. Am I sitting on a wet seat? OMG, DID SOMEONE WEE ON THIS SEAT? No, its dry, chillout Beth. 
  14. My bus ticket is on my phone. I don't like this. I need a physical piece of card. Sod the planet. (I actually love the planet and make a conscious effort to save it)
  15. Why aren't these school kids wearing coats. Do they not realise its like -537393 degrees outside. 
  16. Everyone needs to stop breathing. It's fogging up my window. 
  17. Note to self: Don't finish your book in your morning journey. You won't have anything to do in the evening commute. 
  18. People watching is great. 
  19. My bus is coming- *waves dramatically like a mad women until it indicates that its stopping*
  20. I should have got my ticket out before waving the bus down. Why did sensible Beth not kick in. 
  21. When I get home, I'm getting in my PJs and doing nothing else. 
There is only one thing I'm missing about my daily bus journey, and that's the ability to start and finish a book in three days, I have to be sociable now. But I'm extremely grateful for my new ride, it means I get an extra half-an-hour in bed and get home before it's dark. Until the next diary entry amigos. 

*There may be a few times I have to get the bus to work. 

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