Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter: Photo Diary

You are never too old for a game of pooh sticks

Family photo
Aren't we a good looking bunch

Garden centres are the best in Spring

Pizza is my one true love, especially when it involves ham & pineapple 

 Dinner and drinks with my girls, how sophisticated

Dodging the showers meant we got these views

Watching the wildlife doing its thing

Every time I see a rainbow I have an urge to sing

Daffodils and boats make a great picture

We made some friends

Just 'swanning' around

I'm currently in a chocolate induced coma and I don't regret one bit of it. All I have seemed to have done for the past four days is eat and it has been great. It does now mean I'm back on the salads for lunch and runs after work though, unless I pretend that it's still Easter because I've still got Easter chocolate to eat, that's a legit thing to do isn't it? 

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