Friday, 4 March 2016

March goals {2016}

Looking back I did pretty well in hitting my Feb ambitions, we've booked Barcelona, had a non-stop fam weekend, kept my flat plants alive, lit my candle to GBBO and settled in nicely at work but March is here which means one thing, Spring is on its way. I absolutely adore Spring, pretty flowers, fluffy lambs, creme eggs, what isn't there to like? It also takes us one step closer to Summer which is even better as I need some vitamin D in my life. I feel like after a very hectic February, March is going to be a very much lets-get-my-life-back-together kinda month with a few other goals thrown in the mix

1. Purchase birthday & Easter presents
2. Stick to my new work-out DVD
3. Devour my body weight in creme eggs and mini eggs
4. Enjoy some quality family time
5. Try some new recipes 
6. Order some desk accessories

I'm definitely looking forward to having some normality and routine back in my life whilst munching on all the Easter chocolate and feeling very guilty as I still have Christmas chocolate in my cupboard.

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