Monday, 14 March 2016

Little Things #19

Happy Monday chums! It's finally starting to feel like Spring, hallelujah! (Not like it's taken 14 days or anything...) As of yesterday I became a contact lens wearer. I can't say I'm currently digging poking myself in my eyes voluntarily, but it takes me back to my 19 year old days before uni ruined my eyesight and I could see clearly without glasses. On the topic of eyes, my conjunctivitis has cleared up and I've bought some brand spanking new make-up to make sure it doesn't come back, so this week was a pretty good week for my eyes!

  1. I also bought a, wait for it, banana bag from H&M for a bargain £1.  I don't eat bananas, I don 't like bananas, but I thought it'd be a great little accessory for a summer holiday. 
  2. We took a 4 mile hike round some Yorkshire towns and hills, and made friends with the cutest pony.
  3. We then went for tea & cake after.
  4. I've been getting a lift to work every day this week and it has been gr8.
  5. Once Upon a Time returned to our screens and I feel like a fan girl feels at a One Direction concert.
  6. We headed to Malton for their monthly food market and had pizza and ice-cream for lunch- just counterbalancing the salads I've been eating all week. 
  7. The royals released some family ski trip photos and they are #goals.
  8. On Saturday night we had some friends round for drinks and a catch up about life and it felt like such a grown up thing to do. 
This week is going to be leading up to a trip home for a 1st birthday party, so I'm super excited about that. No doubt it'll go as slowly as possible now!


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