Monday, 16 May 2016

Burnby Hall's Tulip Festival

Throwback to seven days from now, and I was feeling as smug as a bug that I wasn't waking up with Monday morning blues. {Although, it came back to bite me in the bottom with a vengeance today, but with only a week till Barcelona, nothing can dampen my mood!} Last week we were celebrating Jay's twenty-second birthday T-Swiz style, starting off with opening his cards and gifts in bed, because you never grow out of birthday traditions.

Fast-forward an hour or so and we were ready to head out. Luckily we'd pre-planned our venue for the day as otherwise our combined indecisiveness would have left us inside for at least another half an hour. With a picnic in the boot and sun shining down we set off to Burnby Hall in quest of their famous tulip festival.

Accompanied by our newly acquired RHS membership, we managed to gain free entry and started off by wandering round and admiring all the pretty tulips. In the middle sat a huge lake where the fish were pretty much jumping out of the water. No, they were regular koi carp not salmon, but if I was a bear I would have been loving life, a bit like this. We then chose a spot to picnic, a decision that requires a large amount of though such as where the sun is and where screaming children aren't, and set up camp for a few hours.

A fair few pringles, and an ice-cream later we decided to call it a day and head home ready for a birthday meal at Zizzi's. This gem is definitely another one to add to the 'what to do at the weekend list' and I'm already stoked for their next seasonal festival.


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