Sunday, 8 May 2016

May Goals {2016}

Wouldn't it be ironic if one of my goals for this month was to get back into my blogging routine. But when one is struck by a two-day migraine, staring at a screen after doing that at work was the last thing on one's mind. I'm back to full-health now though and am thoroughly enjoying this scorcher of a weekend. So whilst I'm out bathing in the sun in an attempt to not be milk-bottle-Mary on holiday I shall leave you with my May plans.

  1. Wear in my new converse
  2. Purchase myself a new scent at duty free
  3. Keep my sunflower alive at work (once it grows)
  4. Put my new nail varnishes to good use
  5. Continue with GOT so I can be down with one of the cool kids

Right now I'm probably munching on a burger, or two, and revelling in the fact that I've taken tomorrow off work for Jay's birthday so it's a three day weekend for me.

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