Wednesday, 11 May 2016

RHS Harlow Carr

RHS-Harlow-Carr-White-DaffodilsYou are now reading the blog of a fully fledged RHS member. Yes, I'm twenty-one years old going on sixty. We hadn't even stepped through the doors before handing over our money, those sales guys see us coming! But, it's no secret how much I love a good garden centre, so pair that with acres of flowers, plants and trees galore and I'm sold. 

This is most definitely my new happy place. Pair that with the fact that it was a scorcher of a day and I was pretty much in heaven. I'm probably forgetting to mention that the real reason we headed here was because my Dad was up from home visiting my grand-parents, so thank you papa for introducing us to this wonderful gem. Walking round, the gardens were scattered with tulips, keeping in with the season and all that jazz, and with my recent obsession with the flower you can imagine I got a bit picture snappy.

At the half-way point we had a pit stop at an outdoors Betty's shack. I wasn't going to be one of these crazy fools who have a hot drink because it's somehow refreshing. No-way, hos-say. I opted for two scoops of chocolate ice-cream in a tub, and what a good choice that was. Once the oldies had rested their legs, we set off again, ambling round and admiring the hours of handy work some dedicated gardeners put in. I probably should include something about the time I also spent glamorously dodging wasps, there is downsides to the great outdoors and those insects are one of them.

I must admit I was pretty sad to leave, I could have spent hours there. But it just means I'm hella excited to return and explore the woodland walks and meadows, because, ya know, we get in for free now and all that,


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