Monday, 30 November 2015

Little Things #11

The weeks are just flying by and finally we've got some luck coming our way! I'm still jobless, but I'm working on that. This week saw the nation go crazy for Black Friday- I was in Leeds with a few hours to kill and sillyily made the decision to head round some shops. What a mistake that was, Leeds is busy enough as it is let alone throwing crazy Christmas shoppers into the mix. I did manage to grab myself what I think is an amazing purchase though, not a Black Friday purchase, which will be revealed very soon. We've only got one day left before we hit the big month. Only one more day before all you scrooges have to accept that it is well and truly the festive season. I've been getting into the full swing of everything Christmas this week which has meant my week has been a holly jolly one!

1. I finally got round to buying my Christmas cards and have never felt more grown up. Next thing on the list is to buy some stamps and have the debate over who gets to write them. 

2. The Royal family shared these gorgeous pictures of Princess Charlotte looking as happy as can be. 

3. I discovered that Canadian Netflix is the place to be, their Christmas selection of movies is amazing

4. My mum and her friend came to stay for the weekend to do their Christmas shopping and it was lovely having some company for the festive lead up. The also bought us chocolates and wine #result

5. I baked a bakery's worth of gingerbread, filling my flat with a heavenly smell. You can check out my recipe here

6. Our Sunday afternoon was spent visiting a garden centre to buy some baubles and a garland, followed by a quick shop at Morrison's to stock up on mince pies and rounded off by a browse round Home Sense. (We also managed to get Jason's mum her Christmas present which is so unusual but super cool)

7. We then spent Sunday evening decorating the flat, Christmas tree still to come, cooking a roast dinner and settling down to watch Christmas movies followed by The Hunt #amazeballs

I hope you're all getting stuck into the festive spirit and if not why not? Don't be a #bahhumbug 

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