Monday, 9 November 2015

Little Things #9

What a week. My brain is in full Christmas swing now if you hadn't already noticed by the picture. I may or may not be munching on a mince pie whilst I write this with Home Alone 2 on the TV {Netflix seem to have started their Christmas collection, so the first Home Alone was watched whilst I made my way through my everlasting pile of ironing- housewife material I know}. Anywhos, this week's weather may have been wet and miserable but spirits were high over here. 

1. We put our left over pumpkins to good use, making some delicious home-made soup and pumpkin cupcakes

2. The week countdown to Graduation week can begin and I cannot wait. 

3. John Lewis' ad premiered on Friday and as always I was super impressed. Unlike previous years it doesn't have the usual Christmassy feel, but does send out an important message that we should be looking after our older generation. 

4. I saw some pretty cool fireworks at a pretty cool venue which included a beautiful gift shop, scrummy food and lots of dancing. 

6. My Christmas shopping has begun and there's nothing I adore more then finding that perfect gift for loved ones. 

5. We ventured out into the Yorkshire Moors to find a new town to wander round and weren't we spoilt. It was full of independent gift shops and tea rooms my perfect combination. 

6. Sunday = roast day. Not only did we have a roast, but I treated myself to a bath followed by watching episode two of The Hunt on BBC to round off the week.  {I can't recommend this series enough- especially if you are a David Attenborough worshiper}

I hope you had a lovely week and are loving the Christmas filled advert breaks and chill in the air. 

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