Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dining with the Princesses

Staying on the Disney theme I thought I'd share with you my once in a lifetime experience of dining with the princesses! Yes I was about to turn twenty-one but that doesn't mean I wasn't entitled to have my moment with Prince Phillip. 

The night began with a photo shoot outside of Cinderella's carriage {self timer is a beauty} followed by poses by the extensive menu; as you can imagine, a three course meal in the company of royalty doesn't come cheaply. We were then escorted to our seats, sat opposite the fireplace, the best seat in the house as when the clock strikes quarter past the hour, the princesses and prince(s) come over to dance, how magical!

The first part to our meal was a complimentary Prince's cocktail and 'Amuse-Bouche' (posh cheesy straws) .The cocktail was super fruity and the straws were super cheesy, what more could you want. Whilst munching and sipping away we had to choose our preferred starter, main and dessert. For starters I opted for the cream of pumpkin and porcini mushroom soup, mainly because I felt I couldn't be sitting in Cinderella's restaurant and not have pumpkin, but it was definitely the right choice! It arrived slightly resembling a pie, with a puff pastry lid but it was a delicious soup, one that I will definitely be finding the recipe for. {I also feel it's the right time to point out I didn't take any good pictures of my food as I was to eager to dive in, so instead I have included my sister's choices; she went for grilled vegetables with a pesto sauce, poached egg and rocket}

For the main course I had beef fillet casserole, toast and bordelaise sauce and again I wouldn't have chosen anything different. The beef was beautifully tender, there was an array of different vegetables and the sauce was just the right thickness and full of flavour. {My sister chose chicken breast in a creamy truffle sauce with a trio of purées (potato, vitelotte potato and sweet potato) and sautéed vegetables!} Now, I know pudding goes into a separate part of your stomach, or so Jay always tells me, but even so I'm not quite sure how I managed to finish off the whole thing. Me and my sister both chose Cinderella's Slipper, how could you not, which was chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Presented on your plate was three jelly like desserts, chocolate flakes, and a white chocolate slipper filled with chocolate mousse. It was a struggle, but I devoured the lot of it and waddled rather then walked out of the restaurant. 

It was such a lovely experience, one I would recommend to all despite the hefty price tag and if this post has left you dribbling then you can check out what else is on the menu here

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