Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pictures speak a thousand words

Since starting to fill up my photo albums the other day, it has put me into a very nostalgic mind frame. So I thought I would do a blast from the past and dig out the old albums, giving you a glimpse into my five favourite family pictures. 

1. This one dates back to the year of 1998. I had just turned four and my sister was about 18 months old. As you can probably tell she wasn't the skinniest of babies, and this photo gives you an idea why. Every time I look at it it makes me chuckle, and photos like this were a regular occurrence when growing up. 

2. It was the summer of '99, oh yeah. This picture was taken around my fifth birthday for which I received this ultra cool beauty salon. The hair dryer blew out air, the lights around the mirror lit up and it came with some well needed hair accessories. Not to mention the fact that me and my sister are also in super funky matching jumpers. 

3. As you can see this one was taken one year later where I'm obviously a fashion queen. I have jelly shoes on my feet and a black choker round my neck. We were on one of our many holidays to Devon and yes shortly after this photo, we munched on fish 'n' chips on the beach. 

4. It was every girls dream to be a ballerina when they were younger. I for one use to twirl and leap around my living room at home and couldn't wait for my next ballet lesson. My favourite memories have to be the different costumes we got at shows, one year I was even a playing card from Alice in Wonderland. 

5. The fringe is gone! It's 2003 and I finally have no fringe. Again me and my sister are in cute matching swim suits, and we were having great fun scrambling over the rocks, until one of us cut our foot of course. 

If you ever find yourself at a lose end on a rainy afternoon, dig out the photo albums and it will guarantee you a few hours of laughter! 

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