Friday, 4 September 2015

Little Things #1

How is it September already? I know my recent posts have been me wishing for autumn but it seems like August has been and gone in a flash, not to mention I'm now one month and a day closer to being 22! With time going quickly I seem to forget what has happened yesterday, let alone at the start of the week, so I thought I'd start up a new weekly series letting you (and I) know what I'm loving right now and my weekly goings on!

1. I've finally got round to ordering photos to sort into photo albums. Call me old fashioned but I love flicking through the ones I have at home of when me and my sister were younger, none of this flicking through Windows Photo Gallery business. {I got mine from Home Sense}

2. #Player2. If you didn't already know I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with the Fletcher's (Tom from McFly's family) and their latest announcement of a new little bundle of joy coming soon made me leap for joy. If you haven't seen their amazing video then check it out here.

3. Now I have some free weekends I'm catching up on Once Upon A Time and every single episode leaves me with my jaw dropped, if you don't watch this then you need to ask yourself why. 

4. My personalized bank card arrived and it's full of sunflowers, one of my favourite flowers! {For obvious reasons I haven't uploaded a photo of my bank card}

5. I bought a new notebook to start planning new adventures, and yes again this was also from Home Sense.

6. I've spent lots of time this week with my three favourite little sisters and nothing beats family time!

Check back next week to see what I've been up to!


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