Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Monthly Round Up: September

I feel like I say this at the end of every month but where has September gone? So much has happened in the past 29 days that it's made time pass even faster, I mean at the start of the month I was blogging from a little town in Bedfordshire, now I'm blogging from the big old city of York. Upon this reflection I have decided to start a new monthly series of looking back over the past month, the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird and the wonderful. It'll be a nice way for me to look over my favourite parts and see what I've learnt from the previous 30/31 (or 28) days. Don't worry, it's not going to be an extremely pessimistic post! 

The Good
September has been filled with many precious family moments. Moving away from home makes you realise how important those people you grew up with really are to you, and any time spent with them is a moment to treasure. 

The Bad
I suppose getting locked out of our flat after 15 minutes of arrival wasn't the best part of the month. Or breaking a photo frame. Or Dudley failing his MOT. {W
e haven't killed each other yet though}

The Ugly
Bills, bills and more bills. You'd think I'd be used to receiving bills in the post after being at Uni for three years, but opening that envelope and seeing a large amount of money at the top never fills me with joy, unless it's a pay slip.  

The Weird
I went to a pub golf filled with physios that required me to do odd things such as lie on the floor, get off the ground when the sharks attacked and to be piggy backed on three whistle toots.

The Wonderful
September has been filled with lots of yummy hot chocolates, good food and gorgeous smelling candles. (I gave in again and have a campfire marshmallow one burning right now, my living room is smelling divine. I also have a cinnamon hot chocolate in my hand too!)

A month of changes and new surroundings, it's very cold in York but I'm enjoying every minute and can't wait for October to bring the crispy leaves and pumpkins in the fields. 


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