Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Monthly Round Up: November

Happy December 1st! It's finally acceptable to have chocolate before 7am and play Christmas songs with the volume on max! I can't wait to fully indulge into everything Christmassy but first it's time to reflect. As Tim and Ann once taught me, reflection lets you track your journey in life and fall asleep whilst looking after a stone. November was a strange month, a bit like a roller-coaster with many ups and downs, and twists and turns and loop-de-loops. I can't say it's one I would like to re-live, but there were many good parts to even out the bad parts. 

The Good
Winter is finally upon us. A bit of a strange sentence coming from someone who is always cold but I enjoy winter this side of Christmas. It adds that bit of magic to the festive build up. Once January hits it can do one, but for now I'm enjoying layering up under woolly jumpers and big scarves. Not to mention the huge Christmas market that is covering the city!

The Bad
I've only managed to do a small amount of my Christmas shopping so far. I've never been so unorganized. Part of this catastrophe is due to the small amount of money I have sitting in my bank with December rent just round the corner *cries* but the other half is due to having no idea what to get those really awkward family members who have everything already. 

The Ugly
Resident hamster, Bramble unfortunately passed away at the start of this month. She was found sleeping next to her food bowl, girl had priorities in life. On the upside, we do now have a new addition to the family. Willow- Webb hamster #5. 

The Weird
I suppose the weird thing about this month was how much bad luck two people can have in the space of two weeks. Car breaking down, stepping in dog poo three different times in the space of two days (Jason, not me), delayed trains, no hot water/heating, the list goes on. We musta done something awful in a previous life.

The Wonderful
I finally graduated and was reunited with all my chums. Storm Barney may have been trying to triumph the day but we trooped on, windswept and wet, and it was a lovely day. Not to mention followed by a weekend back down South too! 

So there we have it, the many highlights of November, now onto the best month of the year, December! Hope you enjoyed this post, I'm off to dance around my flat to Christmas songs whilst I attempt to think up ideas for the nearest and dearest!



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