Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What's on my Christmas tree?

I always feel that everyone's Christmas tree tells a story. Whether it's full of home-made decorations made by the grandchildren or decorations passed down the family tree, each one is unique which is why I wanted to show you what I've got hanging on my tree. Just remember, we're not here to pick out how skinny my tree is. You can read about why we haven't got a real one this year here

Gold & Copper Baubles
These beauties came from one of our new found garden centers about half an hour away. If Jason had his way, our theme would be multi-coloured everything but fortunately he eventually agreed that a gold and copper would look nice after circling round the different sections multiple times. The packs we chose gave us a nice mixture of glittery, shiny and matte and are a perfect size- not too big or not too small. 

White Gold Hearts
I must admit, my mum has bought many of my Christmas decorations this year, including this set from Next. For only £5 you get 12 heart baubles, 4 glittery, 4 matte and 4 with an individual letter spelling 'l-o-v-e'. They're not quite as gold as my round baubles but they compliment them wonderfully. 

Copper Stars
I absolutely love these. There was only two in a pack, and quite honestly I wish I bought more, but never fear, they come from the garden center my sister works at at home, so I'm sure I can put a few more through the checkout. They're a deep copper colour but just look gorgeous on the tree. 

Glass Baubles & Angel
As part of my Christmas present last year, Jason bought me this beautiful glass bauble from notonthehighstreet.com. This year we have decided to start the tradition of buying a new glass one every year, so our second one for the collection was from the garden center I previously mentioned. It adds a little story to the tree and words can't describe how nice they look when you hang them in front of a fairy light. Our angel was a present from Jay's family after attending the York Minster Carol Concert and she's so delicate but reflects the light gorgeously.

Wooden Decorations
Currently my wooden decorations stand at a pair of ice skates and a reindeer. The skates we, again, bought last year in the sale and suit us perfectly as we like to make it an annual tradition to visit an outdoor rink. The reindeer on the other hand is beautifully hand-crafted by my good friend Cam and his girlfriend Demi. When he first posted that he was selling them I didn't even hesitate in buying one and I'm so proud to hang it on my tree- it received many a compliment from the in-laws too when they paid us a visit. If you want one, you know you do, then head over to their Etsy page!

Copper Decorations
I then have a few odd copper decorations that my mum picked out which add a bit of individuality to the tree. They hang so nicely among the rest of the decorations and I always feel it's nice to have the one offs dotted around the branches. 

Disney Princess Chocolate Decorations
How could I not feature Disney on my tree? I have to say, I didn't buy these myself, they were another gift from my mumma bear but I love them. Each one has two different princesses on and they fill the gaps between my branches. Not to mention they taste super yummy! (I think these were a Primark purchase)

I'm now back at my home in Bedfordshire enjoying spending some quality time with the family! Not long to go now folks until the big man comes down the chimney!


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