Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Winter: five favourite Instagram accounts

This time of year is one of my favourite times to spend endless hours scrolling through Instagram. I love seeing how people have decorated their house for Christmas, or how they've been for a muddy walk followed by a spot of baking. I get some serious house envy and #futuregoals so it's time to share these accounts with you so you can join in in wishing you had an open fire to light after a wintery walk, leaving your hats and gloves to dry off in front of it. 

1. @lolypopp3
Just look at this feed, doesn't it make you want to cook up a storm of treats in the kitchen and make some dreamy hot chocolates. Or go and find that perfect #bobblehat and find places to pose. 

2. @cookiesncandies
Everything about this feed is perfect- the colours, the content, the captions. Every time a new post appears on my screen I just want to jump into a car and go and find a pretty village to explore

As a fellow country bumpkin I like to think I have something in common with this Instagrammer. Her posts are normally something you'd find on Pinterest, so as you can imagine I obsess over her feed. 

Emily is a user who has set up her own business sharing her skills on how to take beautiful photos and I want to sign up to every single course she runs ever. 

I'm an avid flower lover so when I stumbled across this feed my eyes lit up the room. She creates beautiful botanical arrangements and you all need this on your feed. 

There you have my top five for the winter months. There is nothing better than scrolling down to see pictures of wreaths, freshly baked gingerbread and crisp country landscapes. I'm off to Tesco to buy the food for our Christmas dinner with friends, how exciting!

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