Thursday, 17 December 2015

Throwback Thursday: Christmas as a kid

So this past week I have been helping out in the lower school my mumma works at, primary school to all you two-tier-systemmers, and it has been glorious. I can tell you now, if you struggle to get into the Christmas spirit then go and volunteer in a school for their last week of term, that'll change your mood. From Christmas caroling to festive films to taking a coach full of kids and staff for an afternoon at the pantomime #hesbehindyou. Being a part of all this took me back to when the biggest decision of the day would be choosing what Christmas picture to colour in or crossing everything in hope that your name would be pulled out of the hat to open the advent calendar. It was a pretty magical time back then, so I've compiled a list that will bring those memories flooding back and leave you wishing you were seven once more. Editors note: This is written by a 90s kid so may be more appropriate for any fellow 90s babies. 

1. November. Mum has picked up the latest Argos catalogue. You spend, what feels like, hours on a Saturday afternoon circling the things you would like for Christmas. 

2. The boxes of Christmas cards have arrived in shops and you spend ages trying to decide which one's your favourite, studying all of the pictures of the cards on the back thoroughly. {I always chose Disney ones, normally Winnie the Pooh, without fail. Woolworths was a godsend.}

3. Once your Christmas cards were bought, your evenings were spent deciding who you were writing them to and what one they would receive. Not forgetting to draw festive pictures around their name and class before posting them in the Christmas letter box. 

4. Feeling like the postman when you and your friends were asked to sort through the cards and deliver them to the right classes. Then feeling super popular when your teacher gave you the biggest pile you'd ever seen. {Yes, I'm fully aware there are three points about Christmas cards, but they were one of the main parts to Christmas}

5. Forever wishing that you got the fake finger in your cracker at the school Christmas dinner rather than the plastic mustache that pinched your nose. 

6. Religiously learning your lines for the school play every night for a week then freezing when it's your time to announce that "the dance is about to begin". Yes my skirt may have fallen down that night too, thank god for a petticoat. 

7. Singing super loudly to Away in a Manger, whilst dressed as a star in the Nativity, secretly hating on your best friend who got to play Mary. 

8. Watching the clock hit 2 o'clock as that's when school stopped for the day and Christmas activities begun.

9. The Christmas school disco meant you were dressed head to toe in glitter. Glittery nails, glittery dress, glittery tights, glittery shoes.

10. Watching your mums face light up when you hand her piles of homemade crafts. That was the grandparent's presents sorted. 

11. Wearing your Santa hat to school and making everyone jealous as they forgot their's, or vise-versa.

12. When someone gave you a present that you didn't buy for resulted in you having a mini-meltdown and awkwardly mumbling that you left their's at home- Mum's always saved the day, usually with bath bits and chocolates. 

13. Getting a present from your teacher was the best feeling ever even if it was just a pen or pack of bubbles.

14. Getting to leave school early on the last Friday of the term and feeling fabulous as you walk out with arms full of presents from your BFFs.

15. The annual trip to the panto was a firm favourite. True fact: I once bit into the plastic spoon instead of the ice-cream and nearly choked, scarred for life by interval ice-cream. 

16. Having to take it in turn each year as to who gets to put the angel on the top of the tree #sisterprobs

17. Going with Mum to do the Christmas food shop was a game of how many times could you ask if you could have something in a super-sweet voice before she finally snapped. 

18. Not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve and worrying yourself silly that you might see Santa and he wouldn't give you your presents.

19. Characteristically running into your parents room too early, hanging onto your stockings and shouting "HE'S BEEN" to be told to go back to bed for another half an hour.

20. Christmas day means one thing- that new Christmas outfit you haven't been allowed to wear yet but yo can finally strut your stuff in. 

21. Going to bed super happy on Christmas Day as all your new presents are piled in the living room and you know exactly what you're going to play with first thing in the morning. Plus the Boxing Day buffet was/is delicious.

Just writing this is making me feel tingly! Hope this post makes you feel nostalgic, kids, appreciate it while you can, it doesn't last forever- she says whilst she is getting ready to go to a Christmas pre-school party that includes a visit from Santa


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