Friday, 1 April 2016

April Goals {2016}

April Goals: diary quote, cactus, mini eggs and daisy perfume
The end of March means the beginning of April and the beginning of April means it's the month where I have eight birthdays to prepare for and I'm totally prepared, ish, not. I also now have a mountain of chocolate to get through which is totally contradicting my day time salads and evening work-outs, but the lighter evenings mean I have no excuse for starting up jogging again. So whilst I wallow in my disappearing bank balance and munch through half a chocolate egg, I will leave you with my ambitions for April. 

1. Finish all chocolate-related goodies and replace with healthy things.
2. Replace my hearbreakily-broken converse.
3. Attempt to not make an utter fool out of myself at my first work social.
4. Visit a farm and see some lambs.
5. Spring clean the flat- not entirely sure what that means yet.
6. Get Barcelona planning. 
7. Update my wardrobe with some Spring essentials.
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