Thursday, 7 April 2016

Diary of a Working Girl: A day outta the office

Tuesday 5th April was just one of those days. I had a day away from my desk to a day at another desk learning about email marketing with the other Beth of the office, otherwise known as B1- I'm B2 (Think Bananas in Pyjamas). Our main takeaway from the day was that we shouldn't be left to go out just the two of us, but it all makes great entertainment, and I couldn't not share our events from the day. 

6:05am- Alarm goes off. Snooze it for 10 minutes and end up getting up 10 minutes after that. Brush through tangles in my hair and jump in the shower. 

6:45am- Attempt one at putting in my contact lenses. Utter fail. Try again. Poke myself in my eye numerous times. Left eye is in, just the right to go. Poke myself in the eye some more. Drop it on a towel, finally it's in. 

7:48am- My lift pulls up. Jump in the car. Panic that I've forgotten my phone. It's okay, it's in my bag. The morning commute begins. Arrive at work approximately 8:21am. 

8:40am- Pick up Beth (B1) from the office along with the pool car. Start our journey to Leeds. Head to Tesco to fill up the car. Didn't check what side fuel cap was. Didn't check whether it's petrol or diesel. B1 makes an educated guess. B1 was right.

9:05am- Arrive at the multi-storey car park. Drive up to Level 5 before finding a space. Reverse into spot but neither of us can get out. Drive up to Level 7. Same happens again. Keep driving. Reach Level 13. Lots of free spaces. Successfully park the car. 

9:15am- Pay £6 at the pay and display machine. Position it on the dashboard when the wind pushes it down. Ticket is now half-stuck down between the dashboard and windscreen. Both attempt to stay calm. 

9:19am- Ticket is still stuck, this time we can only see the corner. We have 11 minutes till our course starts. Panic levels are rising. 

9:23am- Businessman pulls up next to us. Comes over to see what we're in a flap about. Heads back to his car to find something to help. Ends up sticking his gum to a paper door hanger in an attempt to retrieve the £6 ticket. 

9:25am- It fails. The ticket is gone. Thank the man and accept the fact we've got to pay for another. 

9:27am- Head back to the machine, buy another ticket and put it in the car. This time we place it on the other side of the dashboard and shut the door quickly. It worked, phew. Now we have 3 minutes to find the location of our course. Have to get to floor 5, we're on 13. We choose the stairs. B1 drops her phone. Nearly falls through the gap right to the bottom of the stairwell. It doesn't. Not even a scratch. Maybe our luck is changing. 

9:35am- Arrive a little late. Joke with the receptionist about our names both being Beth and the type of morning we'd had. Proceed to settle down at our desks after apologising for our lateness several times. Have to tell everyone who we are and what we do, sighs silently. Once finished the course can begin. 

10:30am- Tea break. So far, so good. Time to check work emails, nothing exciting. Head downstairs with B1 to get a cuppa. End up opting for a hot chocolate. What a good decision. Crack open the Galaxy Golden Eggs I brought along and reluctantly offer them round to the rest of the group. 

10:40am- Tea break over, back to learning. Make my own email campaign for Beth's BnB- what a cracking place to stay. 

11:00am- We start to code an email. Mind blown. What does half of this even mean. It's just mashed up letters and symbols. B1 nails it. I copy. Turns out we took a short-cut, so we kinda, technically cheated.

11:40am- Still coding. Something about a table. Not too sure. Starting to understand it slightly, maybe. Mumble about how I could never be a developer. Start rewarding me and B1 with Galaxy Eggs every time we do something right. 

12:30pm- We stop for lunch. Hallelujah. My brain is fried and all I can think about is this buffet lunch. Get to the buffet lunch, not living up to my expectations. Sandwiches- 5/10, crisps- 7/10, caramel shortbread- 10/10. It's the pudding that's raising its rating. Better have an orange to even it out. Head back upstairs with B1, too quiet downstairs. Check Facebook, nothing interesting going down. Repeat on other social networks. 

1:30pm- It all starts again. Get your concentration game on Beth. Constantly repeat how I don't know how our developers do this all day long. 

2:50pm- Nailed it. Now I can start making it look pretty with pastel colours and nice alignments. Oh. That didn't go to plan. Why has that moved? What are you doing over there?

3:30pm- "That was the last coding part to the day." Yes! *Air grab* Move onto email strategy. Now, this is more like it. 

4:45pm- Call it a day. I am shattered. My brain hurts. Time to go catch a train home. 

4:52pm- Say goodbye to B1 and start heading off in the opposite direction. After 30 seconds realise I infact needed to be going the same way. Turn round and get back on track. Get some funny looks for using my iPhone as a sat-nav. Find the train station and see there's a train in 4 minutes.

5:17pm- Jump on the train. Managed to score a seat. 23 minutes till York. 

5:40pm- Arrive in York. Jay's there with Dudley. Manage to squeeze through rush hour traffic and get home super quickly. Change into PJs and slump on the sofa for the rest of the evening until bedtime, feeling content that tomorrow is Wednesday, the week is flying by. 

If you want an optimum day to go on a course, Tuesdays are a pretty good pick. 

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